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Climate protesters ‘smash up’ petrol pumps and glue themselves to ground at major motorway stations

Climate protesters ‘smash up’ petrol pumps and glue themselves to ground at major motorway stations

Several arrests have been made

Several people have been arrested after climate change protesters caused damage to petrol pumps and glued themselves to the forecourts. 

The protests were held at the Clacket Lane and Cobham service stations in Essex and Surrey on the M25 this morning (24 August), with Surrey Police saying they were ‘working as quickly as we can to remove the protesters’. 

At least 20 protesters have been arrested in total.

The demonstration, organised by Just Stop Oil, left both stations without petrol due to the damage earlier today, although in an update at 9.30am Surrey police said Cobham services had now reopened, although some pumps remain unusable.

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In a statement posted on Twitter, the force said: “We are currently in attendance at Clacket Lane & Cobham services on the M25 following reports of protestors damaging fuel pumps & gluing themselves to the forecourts.

“Due to the damage, there is no petrol available at both stations, including both sides of Clacket Lane. 

“We appreciate the disruption this is causing and we are working as quickly as we can to remove the protesters from the service stations.

"Three people have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. We will continue to keep you updated via our channels.”

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In a follow-up, Surrey Police warned: “If you are using the M25 this morning please read the below update following protests at Clacket Lane and Cobham Services. There is currently no petrol available at both stations.

“Officers remain at the scene & a total of 9 people have been arrested on sus of criminal damage.”

On its website, Just Stop Oil said 32 activists were involved in the protests.

The campaign group said: “At all locations, Just Stop Oil supporters blocked access to the petrol pumps by sitting in the road with banners.

“Some supporters also sabotaged petrol pumps by breaking the display glass, covering them with spray paint or locking on.”

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Adam 53, from Gloucestershire taking action, was one of those involved in the protest.

He said: “In 20 years time, when my grandchildren point out that we knew about the destruction and suffering that the climate crisis would bring, I don’t want to have to tell them that I just sat at home and worried about it.

"I want to be able to tell them I did what I could.

“We need to take this action because the government is not doing its duty to protect us from climate catastrophe, instead continuing to allow extraction of new fossil fuels.”

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