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Karen’s Diner’s way of singing happy birthday is enough to p*ss anyone off

Karen’s Diner’s way of singing happy birthday is enough to p*ss anyone off

This clip of a Karen's Diner waitress singing Happy Birthday to a customer will make you feel many, many things

This time last year, if you were looking for someone to repeatedly scream ‘f**k off’ directly into your face on your birthday, you’d have to search ‘dominatrix near me’ on Gumtree.

But this summer, the notorious Karen’s Diner opened in the UK, meaning anyone wanting to spend their special day being told to f**k off while tucking into buffalo wings can do so without risk of arrest. 

Videos of customers enjoying the god awful service at Karen’s Diner have been an internet staple since the Aussie chain swung open its doors here in the UK, but this clip of one of the restaurant's staff singing 'happy birthday' to a customer really takes the biscuit. See for yourself below:

Shared by TikToker @kayleighbanks88, a Karen’s Diner waitress could be seen singing 'Happy Birthday, f**k right off' to a customer, who looked less than impressed as they sat with a very small cup of hot chocolate in front of them. 

While the birthday girl in question looked as though she might launch herself across the table and pour her tiny cup of hot chocolate over the waitress’s head at any given moment, @kayleighbanks88’s followers found the clip hilarious.

One person wrote beneath it: “Very funny,” while a second echoed: “Hilarious.”

“HAHAHAHAHAH,” added a third TikToker, with a fourth writing: “The only public place I wouldn't mind people singing happy birthday for me.”

Others struggled to wrap their heads around the footage though, with one TikToker penning: “Sorry but I don’t know why anyone would go here … I’d end up fighting with them, acting or not.”

Another person said: “Ma anger issue would never accept that,” while someone else wrote: “I would never go there even for free like seriously.”

Karen’s first opened last year as a pop-up diner in Sydney using the tagline: “Ask for the manager... we dare you.”

Karen’s Diner opened in the UK this summer.
Facebook/Karen's Diner Manchester

Their website read: "Karen's is an interactive diner and an absurdly fun experience. At Karen's you will be greeted and waited upon by rude waiters who in return are expecting you to give it full Karen.

"A place where you can complain until the cows come home because we literally don't care.

"Our staff are rude, our manners are non-existent and we're the perfect place for Karen's everywhere to vent their anger and dismay at the world.

"Come on, ask for the manager... WE DARE YOU."

There are now three Karen's Diner branches in the UK, all of which can be found in Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kayleighbanks88

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