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Kell Brook's Trainer Downs Glass Of The Boxer's Sweat

Kell Brook's Trainer Downs Glass Of The Boxer's Sweat

Fans have been left horrified over the trainer's spontaneous - and rather disgusting - move

Boxing fans have been left disgusted after Kell Brook's trainer was filmed drinking the fighter's sweat following intense preparations for his upcoming clash against Amir Khan.

The footage was taken from the Sky Sports documentary Behind the Ropes, and has done the rounds on social media, to which users were left pretty horrified.

To give things a bit of context, trainer Dominic Ingle said: "On the 19th you are going to get the blood and the tears from Khan, you can give me the sweat instead.

"Am I alright to put this on Ebay?"

After a hardcore session, the boxer removes his sweat-drenched top and squeezes every last bit of liquid into a glass.

Incredibly and rather bizarrely, Ingle holds up the glass to the cameras and decides to 'down it'.

Brook split with Ingle before his clash with Terence Crawford in November 2020, however, quite clearly, it now seems the two are on good terms again.

On the other hand, I think it's safe to say that Brook and his upcoming opponent, Khan, are definitely not on good terms.

The two were straight up trash talking against each other on Sky Sports' The Gloves Are Off, a couple days ago (14 February), in which Khan told Brook: "I've got everything. Better looks! The speed, the power, the engine."


Brook then hit back with: "The chin?

"You've been sparked out."

Khan replied: "To be honest, we are both in the same position!

"We both are not the best at taking the biggest shots."


Khan then referenced the injuries Brook sustained against Gennady Golovkin and Errol Spence Jr: "Your eye sockets won't help."

But Brook wasn't having any of it and said: "I'm like The Terminator now! You are going to get knocked out, Amir."

Khan replied: "I can see right through you. You have lost the fight already.

"You are empty inside. You are scared."


Brook then fired back: "Look at me and understand - you are getting knocked out. You know what it's like to be knocked out cold. And it's going to happen again.

"This could go two ways - he could go onto his face or onto his back. In the first round or the 12th."

Khan concluded: "He will get a beating and he won't last."

Kell Brook and Amir Khan are set to face off on Saturday 19 February at AO Arena in Manchester.

Those watching from their TVs will be able to tune in from Box Office.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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