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Kia Has Finally Released The Name Of Their New Ute, And As Expected, It's Aussie As

Kia Has Finally Released The Name Of Their New Ute, And As Expected, It's Aussie As

Can you vote a car in for Australian of the Year? Asking for a friend.

If you missed it, Kia launched a campaign that might just take home the title for “greatest Australian ad of the century”. In it, a string of legendary Aussie sports icons gathered at the local — pouring beers, serving schnitty and of course, loudly proclaiming that the brand-new Kia ute should be named after them.


After practising a whole lot of patience and rewatching the ad more times than we care to admit, we’re thrilled to report that we finally have a name. And as much as we love and respect our mighty athletes — this one takes the cake (or scallop if you’re from NSW, QLD or WA).

They’ve dubbed Down Under’s latest and greatest ute, the Kia Tasman. That’s about as Aussie as it gets!

Can’t you just picture yourself cruising along the Australian coast, windows down and enjoying the ocean breeze in this baby? Or loading it up with your favourite outdoor gear for a camping trip over the weekend — in a ute that’ll make your mates eyes water with jealousy? You’re not alone.

You can watch the video below to rediscover the names that didn’t make the cut, and to find out more about the Kia Tasman and how you can secure your own, head to the Kia website.

Full list of Aussie sporting legends in order of appearance:

Steve Waugh (Cricket)

Buddy Franklin (AFL)

John Aloisi (Soccer)

McKenzie Arnold (Soccer)

Alex Volkanovski (UFC)

Wendell Sailor (Rugby)

Ash Barty (Tennis / Cricket)

Dylan Alcott (Tennis)

Darren Lockyer (Rugby)

Dermott Brereton (AFL)

Alfie Langer (Rugby)

Jessica Watson (Sailing)

Adam Reynolds (Rugby)

Patrick Carrigan (Rugby)

Ali Brigginshaw (Rugby)

Scott Sattler (Rugby)

David Boon (Cricket)

Damien Oliver (Racing)

Mark Occhilupo (Surfing)

Kerry O'Keeffe (Cricket)

Featured Image Credit: Supplied: Kia

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