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11-Year-Old Kid Accidentally Sent Book Of Sex Positions For Valentine's Day

11-Year-Old Kid Accidentally Sent Book Of Sex Positions For Valentine's Day

Mr Holley's 11-year-old nephew received an unexpected delivery though the post

An 11-year-old boy accidentally received a rather unexpected and x-rated gift for Valentine's Day from Moonpig.

His uncle, Rob Holley, 39, thought a bespoke card and a set of glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs were arriving for his nephew's 11th birthday.


However, the unexpected arrival of Ann Summers' Karma Sutra cards arrived in the post, which would have certainly confused Mr Holley's nephew.

Mr Holley, the head of content at Eurovision, from Camberwell, London, said: "As a 10-year-old he loved his bespoke Pokémon card.

"But [he] was a little confused when he unwrapped the gift to find these."


The card game works in a similar way to Top Trumps, showing black and white sketches of sex positions.

'Staying Power', 'Flexibility', 'Stamina', 'Daring' and 'Pleasure' are all options which come as part of Ann Summers' Lover Gift Set, which are now sold out on Moonpig.

Moonpig's description reads: "Everything you and your lover need for a romantic Valentine's Day, and beyond."

The 'Glow in the Dark Mould & Paint Dinosaur' kit, which Mr Holley thought he'd purchased, can be used to make a dino fridge magnet or badge.

One user commented: "Someone's going to have a surprising Valentine's."

Another replied: "I think you mean an amazing Valentine's, James."


A third wrote: "Good luck doing that position without getting severe cramp."

Another added: "Sorry for your nephew. But laughing so much right now howwwww."

Moonpig told Mr Holley: "Sorry about this Rob. Please drop us a [direct message] with your full name, email address so we can look into it."

A Moonpig spokesperson told LADbible: “We’re aware that a small number of customers have received the wrong order and we are in direct contact with them to put things right as quickly as possible.

"We take pride in delighting our customers and we’re sorry to have let them down on this important day.”

Not everyone are fans of 14 Feb and a woman has recently kicked off her campaign to get Valentine's Day banned.

Jodie Weston, who appeared on the British TV show Rich Kids Go Skint, believes the day is problematic for people who are single on the big day. 


Speaking to The Daily Star, the former reality TV star turned DJ said: "Valentine's Day is a time a lot of women look forward to so they can brag about what they have and make others feel inferior.

"For a lot of people it is their worst 24-hour long nightmare.

"Some use it as a chance to spread cruel memes all over the internet reminding singletons they are alone and don't have a special someone in their life, or that they will find out on Valentine's Day if they are being cheated on or not."

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Porapak Apichodilok (stock image)

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