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Heartbreaking comment Charles made after delivering emotional first address

Heartbreaking comment Charles made after delivering emotional first address

The Royal Family have released behind the scenes footage of King Charles' first speech as Head of State in an emotional video.

As King Charles III spoke to the nation in a televised address yesterday (9 September) for the first time since the Queen's death, the Royal Family have released rare behind the scenes footage of the momentous occasion. Watch it below:

During the speech, King Charles III was sitting at the desk in Buckingham Palace's Blue Drawing Room in the footage, where his late mother would often sit when speaking to the nation, including those televised Christmas addresses.

A royal photographer takes a picture of the King on what is an emotional, but monumental day for the UK and the rest of the world.

On King Charles' left there is a picture of the Queen and to the right a small bouquet of flowers sits on the corner of the desk.

As expected with a behind the scenes video, we also seem the camera crew and what can be assumed as the technical team at the Palace directing and shooting Charles' first speech as King.

King Charles addressed the nation as Head of State for the first time yesterday (9 September) .
BBC/ Buckingham Palace/ YouTube

After the address is filmed, King Charles is seen to share a smile with the camera crew and gets up from his seat.

The King appears almost tearful as it dawns on him what a big moment that was, one he has been preparing for many years.

The new King appears to ask the camera crew 'am I done' after filming the emotional address.

The footage was posted on The Royal Family's official TikTok account and inspired many comments and tributes from the members of the public.

One viewer said: "Still giving so much time to the world. A King and still a child. 

"Mourning his mother and yet delivers a honest speech. 

"A King, who is truly an example of integrity. Long live the King."

A second added: "His eyes speak volumes of his great pain. God love and comfort him."

Meanwhile, a third said: "You can see the pain in his eyes. I can’t imagine losing a parent and then having to wake up the next day like everything is fine. Yes Queen Elizabeth was the queen but first of all she was a wife, mother, and grandmother."

King Charles III first speech as Head of State was praised last night as he held back tears to address the nation.

He said he 'shares the sense of loss' the members of the public feel following his mother's passing on 8 September.

The new King paid tribute to his mother and father in the emotional video.
BBC/ Buckingham Palace/ YouTube

The King concluded his speech with a touching message to his late mother and father: "And to my darling Mama, as you begin your last great journey to join my dear late Papa, I want simply to say this: thank you."

Featured Image Credit: BBC / Buckingham Palace

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