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King Charles gets called a 'wasteman' on the Jeremy Vine show

King Charles gets called a 'wasteman' on the Jeremy Vine show

King Charles and Princess Diana's roles in the new series of The Crown were up for discussion with Jeremy Vine on Channel 5

Prince Charles has been labelled a ‘wasteman’ on Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 programme because of his treatment of ex-wife Princess Diana. If you want to find out exactly why, have a look at the video below:

The panel were having a big discussion about whether or not the new series of hit TV show The Crown will damage the reputation of the now-King Charles, who became monarch – in case you somehow missed it – after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II the other week.

Anyway, in the new series of the Netflix show, it looks as if the relationship breakdown between Charles and his then-wife Princess Di – who is also the mother of his two sons – will take centre stage, and there’s a decent chance that it won’t paint the new monarch in an entirely positive light.

You see, this season they’ll be showing off moments such as when Diana discovered the plans for a bracelet made for Charles’ – at the time – bit on the side Camilla.

In truth, it is believed she found the actual bracelet, proving that there is at least some artistic licence being taken.

Still, on Jeremy Vine’s show, Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu - an author, lawyer, and activist – laid into Charles, claiming that he shouldn’t be too worried about damage to his reputation as it has already been done.

Charles' relationship with Diana is under the microscope for this season of The Crown.

She said: “I think they [the writers of The Crown] should be as accurate as possible without a doubt – let’s understand this.

“What King Charles is worried about is that people, those who may have forgotten or the current generation that do not know, will finally know that he was an absolute wasteman of a husband to Princess Diana."

When asked about it by the show’s host, she continued: “He knew what he was doing – this was an older man.

“King Charles reputation around his marriage is quite frankly his lasting legacy.

“He is probably worried about the impact this will have on Camilla.

“You’ll notice that since he married Camilla, we’ve not had a single bit of negative press about her.

“Negative press is what Meghan Markle gets, and I think that the reality here is that the concern about The Crown and how it might damage him is about how it will speak to his character.”

Obviously, the whole time she was meeting with fierce resistance from others on set, but after further clips were shown, she also added: “Charles was a petty, petty man.”

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu was in no two minds about what she thinks.
Channel 5

Whether you think he is or isn’t, there’s no doubt that this series of The Crown is likely to churn up more problems for the new British king.

No doubt there will be a lot of eyes on the show when it airs on 9 November on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Graham Hunt/Alamy Stock Photo/Channel 5

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