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Kmart has launched a toy vlogger set to get kids ready for being social media influencers

Kmart has launched a toy vlogger set to get kids ready for being social media influencers

While Kmart insists that the toy is perfect for the little ones ‘who love taking pictures', many parents have slammed the set.

Kmart has released a six-piece wooden vlogger toy set to inspire the next generation of social media influencers.

While Kmart insists the toy set is perfect for the little ones ‘who love taking pictures and videos', many have slammed the new item as ‘disturbing’.

Shortly after a photo was posted on social media, it erupted into a heated discussion online, as one person wrote: “I can't imagine any child would be interested in that!”

Another commented: “Seriously just what society need more so called influencers trying to live a free life off their looks, great work.”

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The set includes a canvas backpack, a toy mobile phone, a camera, a selfie stick, a ring light and a tripod.

According to its website, the set is suitable for children three and over and costs $13.

But despite the wave of criticism from parents, the toy is currently out of stock online.

Honestly, this new set might as well come with a free trip to Europe and hot girl IBS.


Similarly, the sustainable toy store Little Sprout sells a faux vlogger set suitable for those aged three and up.

The set comes with a camera, ring light made from rubber, a clip-on microphone with an adaptor, a selfie stick tripod and a bag to help transport items.

According to its description, the toy is designed to 'encourage children to showcase their artistic talent, this playset encourages the practice of communications skills and creative thinking'.

While the set could be used as a cute decorative piece, it raises the question of social media's role when introduced at a young age.

Little Sprout

According to a report conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), the survey asked participants aged 14-24 in the UK how social media affected their mental health and wellbeing.

The findings showed that high social media users tend to struggle with depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation and body image.

Surprisingly, the report showed that YouTube was the most ‘positive’ platform, whereas Instagram and Snapchat were thought to be the most detrimental to a young person’s mental health.

Following the report, Welsh Labour MP Chris Elmore MP said: "Social media is becoming an ever-greater part of young people’s lives throughout the UK.

"I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with the RSPH to achieve real change on this vital issue".

Featured Image Credit: Kmart / Maridav / Alamy Stock Photo.

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