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KSI says he's going to fight two people in one night

KSI says he's going to fight two people in one night

YouTuber KSI says he's fighting two people, one of which is a pro boxer

KSI has announced that he's going to fight two people on 27 August.

He tweeted: "I’m fighting 2 people on august 27th.

"The other opponent is a pro boxer."

The YouTuber/musician/boxer/actor is set to fight Swarmz at The O2 on 27 August after Alex Wassabi withdrew on medical grounds. 

However, the 29-year-old has now revealed that, on the same night, he will fight 'a pro boxer before Jake Paul did' as the ongoing beef continues.

Well, the pro boxer is named 'Ivan Nikolov'.

"WTF am I doing," KSI says, along with his iconic laugh.

Although Nikolov is a pro poxer, his record is a little bit underwhelming and stands at three wins and 16 losses, with three draws.

He's 43 years old and comes in at 5ft 8.5 inches, whereas KSI comes in with a considerable height difference at 6 ft tall.

Taking to social media, KSI added: "Alex Pussabi pulled out, so I had to do the unthinkable. 2 fights in one night.

"Never done before in YouTube Boxing. And to top it off, the other opponent is a pro boxer. August 27th baby, LET’S GOOO!!!!"

One person commented: "I don't want to be that guy that points this out but he's fighting a pro boxer with terrible movements and is big and slow yes jake has never fought a professional boxer before bit he still knocked out guys with multiple championships and Olympic medals"

A second added: "This is the most disappointing news ever. You haven’t fought in 3 years and you come back to fighting two people at the same time, one of those two people being a professional boxer which will potentially end your career.

"JJ I love you and your content but wth."

Another thought: "Bro everyone here saying that he fighting a guy with 16 losses is disappointing are all keyboard warriors. Look at every famous boxer, they don't start with fighting guys with 30 wins."

While someone else questioned: "First guy just woke up and the second guy is random boxer #4353 Boxing 2 people regardless of skill is not a good idea and can lead to unnecessary injuries, are you sure that is a good idea?"

"It’s his first fight in three years and he’s fighting 2 people in one night,can’t exactly vs someone who’s 20-0," another quite rightly pointed out.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/KSI

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