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Lad panics after getting stuck in bizarre new boots that cost nearly £300

Lad panics after getting stuck in bizarre new boots that cost nearly £300

MSCHF's Big Red Boots have gone viral, but they're not the easiest shoes to take off as one lad recently found out...

We’ve all fallen foul to the latest fashion craze at some point in our lives - the infamous Topman Rihanna t-shirt that everybody seemed to own in 2012 certainly comes to mind.

But today in 2023, certain footwear choices have apparently caused more embarrassment than even those Kanye West inspired sunglasses - as one lad found out this week.

After fashion house MSCHF recently announced the upcoming release of their Big Red Boots, the cartoon-esque item went viral - with many desperate to get their hands on a pair of the £290 ($350) stompers.

But after trying on the garment - which are inspired by the iconic cartoon character Astro Boy - at the Bowery Showroom in New York, TikTok user @lilap3 was left a little red-faced after he got them stuck on his feet.

In the video - which was hilariously set to Lady Antebellum’s 2009 hit 'Need You Now' - the man can be seen laying on the shop floor and clutching his calf, as his friend frantically tries to pull the boot off his leg.

The lad was seen panicking as he couldn't get the designer boots off his feet.

In fact, they are so stuck that he is even pulled across the ground while the pal desperately tries to rag the pair off his feet.

At one point, two mates grab a leg each to tug the controversial shoes off.

The funny clip has already been viewed a whopping 4.2 million times and has racked up 96.6k likes, as fellow TikTokers found the whole debacle hilarious.

“I can literally see where the panic starts to set in,” wrote one user, while another added: “Him sliding down is killing me.”

This is a situation absolutely nobody wants to be in.

A third continued: “They just sweeping the floor with bro.”

The Big Red Boot will be officially released on 16 February by Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF.

The brand is known for its unusual designs which feature everyday items - including a cologne that smells like WD-40, 'Eat The Rich Popsicles' in the shape of iconic plutocrats, and 'Jesus Shoes' with holy water sourced from the River Jordan inside the soles.

The Big Red Boot is, rather obviously, inspired by the cartoon Astro Boy.

Fans will also remember the brand from their collaboration with singer Lil Nas X - who created a pair of satanic Nike trainers with MSCHF which each contained a drop of human blood.

Thankfully, despite their colour, the Big Red Boots are free from any bodily fluids. And @lilap3’s tale does have a happy ending, as he is seen to eventually be freed from his footwear prison.

However, we bet he’ll think twice about shoe shopping in-store in the future…

Featured Image Credit: @lilap3/TikTok

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