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Cartoon Arthur Ends After 25 Years As Characters Look All Grown Up

Cartoon Arthur Ends After 25 Years As Characters Look All Grown Up

After an impressive 253 episodes, the beloved children's animation melted fan's hearts as it came to an end

Everyone’s favourite childhood cartoon aired its final scenes yesterday (21 February), as Arthur and the gang were shown all grown up. 

After 25 years and 253 episodes, Arthur became the longest running children’s animation as it first aired all the way back in 1996. 

Tear-jerking final scenes gave fans a glimpse into the futures of the beloved characters as they all suitably found their own paths in life. 


It was revealed that Arthur became a writer, as he was shown as the author of the graphic novel Arthur, on which the show is based. 

In a full circle moment, the first edition of his comic told the story of how Arthur got his first pair of glasses, which was a nod to the show’s very first episode, Arthur’s Eyes; Francine’s Bad Hair Day

And of course, we can’t forget his best friend, Buster, who was shown to be working as an English teacher, with Arthur’s youngest sister, Kate, as one of his pupils. 

Other highlights included Francine becoming the owner of a footwear company and no-nonsense Muffy, a politician, gunning to be the next mayor of Elwood City. 


George now owns The Sugar Bowl dessert parlour, Binky is a news reporter on television, and Arthur’s troublesome sister D.W. is a traffic officer, as she was seen handing out a fine to her old friend, Bud. 

Overwhelmed fans shared their thoughts of the finale on social media. 

One said: “Most shows that run for this long lose a bit of what made ‘em special, but Arthur is one of the few exceptions that was able to keep seasonal rot at bay. 

“Thanks for being such a great memory from my childhood and ending it on a high note.” 

Another wrote: “End of an era. Having it end with Arthur and the gang becoming adults and Arthur narrating his story from the first episode as one of his books is probably the best ending the series could’ve had. 

“Millions of children grew up with him – he’s been around since I was a kid.” 


“This Arthur series finale had my grown ass in actual tears and I don’t know why,” added a third. 

“I grew up with this show for so long and to see them all grown up with successful careers makes me feel a sense of pride.” 

Arthur became a pioneer in children’s animation as the series dealt with important issues families face such as asthma, dyslexia, cancer, diabetes, and autism over its course. 

And in 2019, the 22nd season was praised for introducing an LGBTQ+ storyline when it was announced the teacher, Mr Ratburn, was marrying a male mouse.

Featured Image Credit: PBS

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