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Lad Reveals 'Weird Experience' After Being Only Passenger On 8-Hour Flight

Lad Reveals 'Weird Experience' After Being Only Passenger On 8-Hour Flight

The lucky Brit found he was the only passenger on board the 8-hour long flight from the US to the UK

A lad has revealed the 'weird experience' he had recently after he found he was the only passenger on an eight-hour long flight from the UK to the US. Take a look below:

Now, being the only passenger on a flight and not having to put up with screaming toddlers and shoe-less passengers is something many of us have merely dreamed of.

But this dream actually became a reality for one lad who was heading for the States.

Kai Forsyth was recently flying from the UK to the US when he, much to his surprise, found he was the only passenger on board the eight-hour flight.

Documenting the rare occurrence on TikTok, Kai (@kaiforsyth) labelled it as perhaps 'the weirdest experience' and showed off some of the perks of - quite literally - flying solo.

He wrote on the video: "The cabin crew said I was the only person onboard the flight," before filming the empty cabin surrounding him.

Like anybody else would do, Kai well and truly took advantage of the extra space by setting up a makeshift bed on an entire row of seats.

Kai made a bed out of one of the many empty rows of seats.

"It was 8 hours so I set up a bed!" he wrote alongside his rather comfortable-looking sleeper.

"Literally the comfiest I've been on a plane."

The lucky lad then revealed that the cabin crew were more than happy to take extra good care of him by offering him unlimited food and snacks.

"They literally gave me all the snacks and unlimited food," he wrote along with a devil emoji.

We're not jealous at all...

As expected, Kai's video has gone viral since being uploaded four days ago and has been viewed more than 60,000 times.

"Nah id be too paranoid the whole journey," one TikToker said, while another quipped: "I remember the flight home from JFK to Gatwick, about 10 people the whole of economy. Was the best flight."

Kai was given 'unlimited food and snacks'.

But many were quick to ask Kai why on earth he wasn't upgraded to first class.

"Could u not just go into first class?" one user asked, to which Kai replied with: "The flight attendants were sleeping in first class as there was no one to attend."

Kai has promised his followers there will be a second video showing what else he got up to on his unusual flight, but the video is yet to be uploaded.

Kai's experience is extremely rare, and more often people's flights are memorable for the wrong reasons.

Back in November, a traveller was horrified to see the person behind them on the plane had stuck their bare feet through their chair.

Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt to traveling over the last two years so it's clear some have forgotten the etiquette of flying.

So, just as a reminder, shoes and socks should be left on your feet at all times. Don't be that person...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kaiforsyth

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