Traveller Shocked As Passenger Behind Them Sticks Their Feet Through


Traveller Shocked As Passenger Behind Them Sticks Their Feet Through

A traveller has been horrified to see the person behind them on a plane stick their feet through their chair.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many people might have forgotten what it's like to hop on a plane and travel somewhere.

It's been that long since a domestic or international holiday that some hopeful travellers have even been missing airplane food.

But this image you're about to witness might make you remember all those unavoidable aspects of jumping on a flight.


A Reddit user has shared the gross moment the person behind them managed to wriggle their feet underneath their chair to leave them exposed for all to see.

It's one thing to do this to the person in front of you, but to take off your shoes and socks is pretty rogue.

Let's just hope there weren't any odours coming from those toes otherwise there would be hell to pay.


People on Reddit came up with all sorts of ways to get the person behind to get them to retract their feet. Some suggested stomping on the toes to send a not so subtle message, while others offered a cheekier way.

"Nah, gotta be more passive aggressive about it. Ask the flight attendant for coffee. Make it extra hot. Accidentally spill it all over the feet. Plausible deniability, and as an added bonus maybe the heat will kill some of that toe funk and do em a favor," one user wrote.

A different person said: "Don't just stomp. What you want to do is plant your heel on the toes. And stand up."

A third added: "Make Something very sugary (ask stewardess for 4 packs of sugar, dilute in quarter cup warm water) and pour for that sticking between the toes feeling."


Jeez, these people were really getting some rogue ways of getting back at the passenger.

There's not much else that's known about these two travellers and whether the photographer was able to enjoy the rest of their flight or if the feet-owner eventually retracted their limbs.

The big lesson is that people have some cooked ideas of what they'll do if you invade their personal space on a plane.

Featured Image Credit: Brownshout/Reddit

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