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Lad watches his girlfriend cheat on him in bizarre reality TV show

Lad watches his girlfriend cheat on him in bizarre reality TV show

He didn't know what to say after watching the shocking footage

A man had to watch his girlfriend cheat on him on bizarre reality TV show, Temptation Island.

However, since the show aired in the US in 2019, the man's girlfriend, Ashley, has come forward to tell her side of the story.

You can watch the brutal moment below:

Ashley insists that boyfriend Casey 'forced her' into taking part in the raunchy reality show before she cheated on him. The show has recently been aired on E4 and the episode is sending British viewers crazy.

The premise of the programme is simple yet bizarre: couples with relationships on the rocks are separated and sent to Hawaii, left surrounded by hot, single individuals where the temptation can set in. The aim is to test their relationship, to make their bond stronger, but in some cases it can do the complete opposite and results in cruel viewing moments like this one.

Casey was horrified to see his partner, Ashley, in bed with another man.

In the clip, Casey can be seen with his jaw literally dropped as he and a group of fellow contestants watch in horror as his partner, Ashley begins to get a little too cosy with a man called Ben.

Following the horrific ordeal, Casey took to Instagram, branding the show as 'Manipulation Island' and said 'every day was hell' whilst filming for the series.

He added: "They made it blatantly obvious they had stories written for all of us we were supposed to follow."

He also told one of his followers on Instagram: "THIS SHOW IS A JOKE."

However, Ashley claims that the show wasn't her idea at all and that Casey had forced her into going on it, saying she "did not want to do it at all".

Ashley told the Reality Steve Podcast: "I did not want to do it at all. I did not want to go, I did not want to be there when we first got there. I was so miserable."

She continued: “He kept putting it on me. We did have a lot of arguments about it. He was like 'Well, we’re doing this and you can’t say no'.

“I was like, 'Fine'. Eventually I kind of like gave up, I was like, “OK, I guess this is something we’re going to do.”

Ashley also said that Casey would talk over her when someone would ask her a question to get her opinion on something, rather than letting her explain how she feels.

Despite having cheated on Casey on the reality show, Ashley said that she too had had a series of unfaithful partners, adding: "I’m a relationship type of girl but apparently it’s not working out too well."

Featured Image Credit: E4/fox

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