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Refugee Activists Confront Priti Patel Over UK’s ‘Racist’ Rwanda Policy For Asylum Seekers

Refugee Activists Confront Priti Patel Over UK’s ‘Racist’ Rwanda Policy For Asylum Seekers

Protesters interrupted the Home Secretary's speech to demand the UK government abandon plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Priti Patel was ambushed by protesters while speaking at a Conservative Party spring dinner over the weekend.

Metro reports that eight protesters interrupted the Home Secretary's speech to protest against the UK’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for offshore processing.

Footage of the demonstration has been posted to social media and it shows protesters standing up one by one to address Ms Patel.

On activist stood up as the British politician was speaking and yelled: “Priti Patel, your racist policies are killing people.

“Your plans to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda are inhuman, they’re inhumane and are ruining people’s lives.”

The protester was quickly escorted out of the building by security before more young activists jumped up to criticise the UK’s offshore plans for refugees.

As each protester stood up, attendees at the Conservative dinner were heard screaming: “Out! Out! Out!”

Twitter/Green New Deal Rising

The demonstration was organised by the Green New Deal Rising, an activist group that focuses on social justice and climate change to better ‘protect’ the world.

The group has slammed the Rwanda scheme as ‘cruel’ and ‘morally bankrupt’.

They also stated: “We demand the Government drops this widely condemned policy & provides support for people seeking safety. 

“No matter where we come from, we all deserve dignity & respect.”

The UK government’s refugee initiative, announced on April 14, has also come under fire by many other activists and politicians in the past month. 

REUTERS/Jean Bizimana/Alamy

Shadow Residence Secretary Yvette Cooper said the agreement was not productive in finding a safe home for migrants and worsened the ‘cost of living’ for many in the UK, according to the Guardian.

“It is an unworkable, unethical and extortionate policy that would cost the UK taxpayer billions of pounds during a cost of living crisis and would make it harder not easier to get fast and fair asylum decisions,” she said.

However, a Home Office spokesperson defended the refugee Rwanda plan, noting that it will amend the ‘broken asylum system’.

They said (via The Guardian): “The world-leading Migration Partnership will overhaul our broken asylum system, which is currently costing the UK taxpayer EU $1.5 billion a year – the highest amount in two decades.

“It means those arriving dangerously, illegally or unnecessarily can be relocated to have their asylum claims considered and, if recognised as refugees, build their lives there.

“Our new Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda fully complies with international and national law.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Green New Deal Rising

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