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Allen's Is Looking For An Official Lolly Taster

Allen's Is Looking For An Official Lolly Taster

In the words of Katniss Everdeen: I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.

So sugar lovers, this is your time to shine: Allen's is looking for lolly testers.

Australia's favourite confectionery brand has put a call out to all Aussies who have a sweet tooth.

You'll need to apply as soon as possible because applications for this dream gig close on Friday, July 8.

So if you have a sugar craving that just can't be scratched, this is the job for you.

You won't be paid in dollars but you will be paid in sweet treats.

Applicants have to be over the age of 18 in order to throw their hat in the ring.

Sorry kids, you'll have to wait until you're old enough to foot the dentist bill yourself to cover all those new cavities.

Allen's spokeswoman Joyce Tan reckons that it is the 'best job in the world' for lollie lovers.


"It will be a combination of old favourites so we continue to make sure people love our products, but also new products that we've put outside in the market to make sure we've hit the mark with our new ones as well," she said, as per the Daily Mail.

"People can really control the future of lollies."

You'll basically be one of those kids on Willy Wonka that gets to have a crack at all of the previously unseen goodies.

Now, we aren't claiming that Allen's is coming up with their own line of lickable wallpaper, but it means you'd have an endless supply of jelly beans, minties, fantales, snakes, and more.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

But, if your sweet tooth leans more towards chocolate, then there's something else in store for you, too.

KitKat is also looking for taste testers and their hunt will begin this week.

With KitKat now catering to vegans and lovers of white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and every combination in between, what's not to love?

After all, it is World Chocolate Day on Thursday (July 7).

To celebrate, KitKat will have custom lamingtons dipped in that KitKatty wonder-chocolate from Thursday to Sunday.

It'll basically be a classic Aussie dessert with a twist. Choose from the classic lamington, the Raspberry Rose, the Gold, or you can choose to make your own. Nice.

Apply to be an Allen's Lolly Tester here, or keep an eye on the KitKat website if that's more your bag.

Featured Image Credit: Josep Mª Suria / Alamy Stock Photo. Allen's/Facebook.

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