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Almost Half Of UK Men Only Change Their Sheets Every Four Months

Almost Half Of UK Men Only Change Their Sheets Every Four Months

Read it and weep, fellas: you're gross and you should go and change your bedding right now.

A recent study has revealed there is a high number of single fellas out there who only change their bedsheets every four months.

Guys, you need to pick up your game.

The survey, carried out on 2,250 adults over the age of 18 by Pizuna Linens, discovered that men have significantly worse hygiene than women when it comes to their bedding, according to the Metro.

He's finally washing his sheets.
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A whopping 45 per cent of single men in the United Kingdom don't change their bedding for up to four months, however data did indicate that this changes once they're in a relationship.

Thank god for all of the partners out there.

Another 12 per cent revealed their sheets get washed when they remember - so that might be even longer.

On the flip side, single ladies are far more meticulous about their bed linen.

Gals who were surveyed revealed that 62 per cent of them wash their sheets every two weeks.

A mere 25 per cent of single men wash their bed linens at the same frequency, indicating that we need to see more men in the laundry, according to Yahoo News.

The research showed how the lovers out there sit in the middle, with 35 per cent of couples swapping their old crusties out for freshies every three weeks, while 27 per cent said they do so once a month.

For those manky folk out there that don't do it, their reasons were forgetting or thinking that sheets don't need to be refreshed that often (hint: yes, they do).

Reminder: change your sheets.
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So how often should you wash your sheets? Well, the bedding retailer who commissioned the survey, Pizuna, recommended that bed sheets, linens and pillowcases should be washed once a week.

“At current times, when sleep health awareness is on the rise and more people would love to get in to bed with clean, fresh sheets, it’s surprising that many people, whether they’re single or in a relationship, may leave it a number of weeks before changing their bedding – longer than the recommended,” brand communications manager at Pizuna Aureen Chinchpure told the Independent.

“Washing your sheets regularly can really help to improve your health and wellbeing, skin and even your mental health, and might even help you to get a much better night’s sleep.

“If you don’t have sensitive skin, consider using fragranced detergent and fabric softener with scents such as lavender, which is known to aid good-quality sleep.”

So there you have it. Now, fellas, into the laundry with you.

Featured Image Credit: MBI / Alamy Stock Photo. Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo.

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