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Americans Ruthlessly Mocked For Discovering Electric Kettle In Wild News Story

Americans Ruthlessly Mocked For Discovering Electric Kettle In Wild News Story

Aussies and Brits have joined forces on social media to laugh at America's latest 'innovative' find.

Welcome to 2022, where the United States of America has just discovered the electric kettle.

Even though the electric kettle was invented in 1891 - so, 131 years ago - the New York Times has just alerted their readers to the must-have device.

Well, this certainly explains all of those cursed videos online that show Americans making tea in the microwave.

It all kicked off when The New York Times recently published an article alongside the headline: "A swift and easy way to heat water without using a stove".

It then added: "Consider the electric kettle."

The story was accompanied by various types of electric kettle, something that has been a common kitchen staple in Aussie and UK homes since... well, decades ago.

Australian journalist, author, and screenwriter Benjamin Law shared a screenshot of the tweet on his socials... and hoo boy, did the Aussies go hard on the mockery front.

One social media user managed to roast America for their kettles and their abortion policies in one swift sentence: "Kettles are a new thing there? I knew they were living in the 1940s but I didn’t know it was that bad."

A second added: "Gosh, I hope this means they really are living in the past instead of being our future."

A third simply said: "This is embarrassing."

A few people jumped in with their defence though, some of which was fair... some of which were damn bizarre.

One user said: "To be fair, the voltage doesn’t support using an electric kettle with the efficiency we enjoy in Australia. Everyone in my (American) family uses a stovetop kettle."

A US person blamed 'culture' on kettlegate: "Also, remember that the US is 50 states and each has its own culture. I grew up in a state that didn't have tea culture so we never needed a hot cup of water."

The UK and Australia have their own unique cultures as well, and that too can depend on where you live. But you do you, honey.

Following the explosion of international mockery, it appears the New York Times have tweaked their headline to read: "The best electric kettle."

But the damage is now done, America. Now we really understand the USA's coffee problem. And your rank method involving a microwave to make tea.

Heaven help you all over there.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy.

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