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Arnott’s Is Releasing Shapes Flavour Sachets So You Can Overload Your Biccies

Arnott’s Is Releasing Shapes Flavour Sachets So You Can Overload Your Biccies

If you find yourself scraping the bottom of the packet to get at the last few bits of BBQ flavour goodness, then this will blow your mind.

Australia, welcome to Flavour Town. Population: You.

Arnott's has dropped a bombshell new product that is a new twist on the beloved, biscuity icon that is a packet of Barbecue Shapes.

You'll now be able to get your greasy mitts on sachets filled with those magical red dots called Shapes Flavour Shakers.

Looks like the folks over at Arnott's have finally answered the call of the Australian people, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

"People love the extra flavour at the bottom of the Shapes box, almost half the country admits to eating it," Shapes brand manager Alice Johnson told

The Holy Grail of Shapes.
Arnott's/CB_food / Alamy Stock Photo.

"And we’ve heard the hundreds of passionate pleas from our fans to release something like the sachets, so we’ve finally made 'Flavour You Can Shake' happen."

Arnott's commissioned a survey to see just how many desperados there are out there that scrape the bottom of the pack for the leftover flavouring.

Turns out, 48 per cent of Aussies do.

The research polled 1,052 people, and then was extrapolated to fit within the the latest ABS population estimates.

That's how they came to the conclusion that Aussies want - nay, need - these flavour sachets.

So here we are, living in a real-life Barbecue Shapes seasoning heaven.

Shapes brand manager Alice Johnson confirmed that Barbecue Shapes are Australia's favourite flavour, and that was why the geniuses at Arnott's decided to put out this seasoning first.

"It’s an idea our team has been working on for a long time to get the flavour just right, and the first time we’ve given our 'flavour' away to the public to use how they see fit," she told

All hail the Barbecue Shapes.
kevin hellon / Alamy Stock Photo.

"Shapes fans are some of the most passionate around and we have no doubt they’re going to be thrilled to try the sachets."

She added: "We can’t wait to see what recipes are inspired by the new Shapes Flavour Shakers."

So there you have it, folks. The possibilities are endless.

Say hello to Barbecue Shapes seasoning on your roast potatoes, on popcorn, on a fried chook; hell even on ice-cream if you really want to risk it for the biscuit.

But before you dash out the door to your closest supermarket or your relevant Barbecue Shapes dealer, we have one more tasty tidbit for you.

You can get them for free.

The first 2,500 applicants who visit Arnott's website and register their details will receive a set of five scrumptious sachets in the post for absolutely nothing.

So now is the time to tell your family they're about to be served up meals with Barbecue Shapes sprinkles on pretty much everything.

Featured Image Credit: Arnott's/CB_food / Alamy Stock Photo.. The Simpsons/Fox

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