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Aussie Explains Exactly Why Gambling Ads Should Be Skippable In Australia

Jayden Collins

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Aussie Explains Exactly Why Gambling Ads Should Be Skippable In Australia

If you’ve been on the internet there is a strong likelihood that you’ve seen an ad for a gambling platform. 

Whether it be Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, Neds, or TAB, you can’t seem to escape the bombardment of advertisements luring you to get on the platforms and chuck on some money.

Across social media and video platforms, they’re everywhere and they only seem to be getting more intense.

One Aussie has had enough and expressed his thought in a rant over on Reddit. 


He said: “I’m done. This s**t should be illegal.

“It’s bad enough I am constantly bombarded by Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, Ned’s and whichever other betting platform has congealed from the a**s of some sick f**k looking to lure me into spending money I don’t have with them, but for the people that are currently struggling with gambling addiction, it is just f*****g wrong.

“Especially since they play on every video or social platform we currently use.”


For those struggling with addiction, it would be near impossible to avoid the consistent shelling of these companies trying to get you to give in to temptation.

Especially on platforms such as YouTube, a good portion of these advertisements aren’t skippable.

The Reddit user continued: “I should have the choice whether I want to watch these ads. I shouldn’t be forced to sit through this s**t.”

There certainly seems to be a culture of online betting perpetuating throughout Australia. 


Especially with the new string of advertisements across multiple betting sites encouraging users to ‘bet with mates’, almost asserting the behaviour as a common social norm. 

Another Reddit user commented: “Especially since they are targeted in a way that you SHOULD be gambling with your friends. It's disgusting advertisement.

“Like, you're a total loser if you don't bet! See, this guy has friends and he gambles!”

Another user proposed a law that would help combat the barrage of advertisements at all hours of the day.


They said: “Gambling ads should be illegal during regular under 18 hours. Any time a child could reasonably be watching TV 6 am - 9 pm. Gambling ads should not be allowed.”

There are organisations in Australia such as End Gambling Ads that are currently fighting to make gambling ads illegal. 

However, the problem is getting worse.


There's reportedly been a 300 per cent increase in gambling spending since the first lockdown of the pandemic, according to The Examiner

With an ad around every digital corner, there’s no wonder why.

Featured Image Credit: Hero Images Inc. / Alamy. Ievgen Chabanov / Alamy.

Topics: Gambling, Sport, Australia

Jayden Collins
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