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Aussie Grocer Slams 'Money-Hungry' Supermarkets For Jacking Up Their 'F**king Prices'

Aussie Grocer Slams 'Money-Hungry' Supermarkets For Jacking Up Their 'F**king Prices'

An Adelaide man has gone viral with an expletive-ridden video detailing how supermarkets are 'f**king crooks' that are ripping off families.

An Australian fruit and veg shop owner has gone viral after posting a very not-safe-for-work video that roasted supermarkets for price gouging.

Johnny Kapiris runs Adelaide's St Bernards Fruit and Veg and claims his shop has refused to use inflation as an excuse to increase prices.

“Every f**ker in Australia and the world is using inflation for an excuse to jack their f**king prices up so they can f**k everyone,” Kapiris said in the expletive-filled video.

“You know why? Because they’re money hungry f**ks.”

He showed off his grocer's selection of strawberries, which have been hard to find in supermarkets.

“Strawberries! $4.99. You’ll see ’em everywhere for $8, $9, $10," he said.

Kapiris then added: "Crooks. F**king crooks.’”

Move over Con the Fruiterer - Australia has a new favourite green grocer.

The viral video has been watched nearly 600,000 times since June 27, with Aussies loving Kapiris' no-nonsense approach.

One social media user said: "This is the energy I want from my grocer."

A second added: "You're a bloody legend."

Aussie food prices have risen in recent months after skyrocketing fuel costs, inflation, and mass flooding that wiped out crops.

So why is the very-sweary shop owner selling his produce on the cheap?

"My grandfather John came here from Greece in 1948 and he had fruit shops," he said as per

"He always said, ‘when it’s like this, when the economy is s**t, you trade your profits for customers, you get them in the shop, then they’ll buy’. I’ve been brought up to sacrifice profits to get customers in."

In another video (also filled with swear words), Kapiris explained another reason why his locally-sourced produce is cheaper.

"They save it from me and go and spend it elsewhere [in the community] because they've got more budget in their pocket," Kapiris said.

"We're 40 to 50 per cent [cheaper] across the board .. so if you haven't been to St Bernard's Fruit and Veg, I highly suggest youse (sic) come down."

Considering desperate Aussies are snapping the stalks off of supermarket broccoli so they're more affordable, it is no wonder that the legends at St Bernards Fruit and Veg Market have gone viral.

If you want to to know where to find us this weekend, we'll be in Adelaide buying some bloody cheap strawberries to pop in our gobs.

Featured Image Credit: St Bernards Fruit and Veg Market/Facebook.

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