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Australian Comedian Cuts Show Short After Starting Massive Beef With Audience

Australian Comedian Cuts Show Short After Starting Massive Beef With Audience

Alex Williamson said he was glad a heckler's parents were dead and people started throwing bottles at him on stage

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Alex Williamson, aka Shooter Williamson, had a fiery interaction with some of the crowd at his Adelaide comedy show.

The comedian and YouTuber had two shows on Friday and Saturday at the city's Rhino Room and things well and truly kicked off.

Williamson is known for welcoming hecklers to his performances and thoroughly enjoys giving it back to them just as hard. However, it seems this weekend's offerings upped the ante.

Brown Cardigan has posted a video of the set, which had to be cut short, when a proper argy bargy started.
- B Cardi (@browncardigan69) October 18, 2020

It's hard to keep track of how many C-bombs were used during the rant, however, at one point, Williamson started yelling at one audience member in particular and said: "I'm glad they're dead, so they didn't get to see their son evolve into a such a f***ing useless sack of s**t."

He even walked onto the person's table and reportedly knocked a few drinks over.

Another video posted online shows Williamson seemingly throwing a punch at one of the attendees and, understandably, people started getting pissed.

At one point, a few glasses or bottles were thrown at Alex while he was on stage, but luckily he managed to avoid it.

Posting on Instagram, Williamson said he dodged those projectiles like Neo in The Matrix and added that doing comedy at the moment feels like an 'extreme sport'.

Social media posts reveal the show had to be cut short midway through due to the melee, however, it's unclear whether Williamson was later able resume his set.

While Alex has the moniker of the 'Loosest Aussie Bloke', it seems like his on-stage banter wasn't well received by people online.

One person wrote: "Jeez Alex has lost the plot."

Another added: "This is what happens when a person realised THEY ARE THE JOKE, not their comedy. This 'comedian' cannot handle being challenged by the truth as shown by his aggression."

Alex got bottled at a show in Goulburn, NSW earlier this year after getting into a heated argument with an audience member.

The comedian walked off stage and flipped off the man's hat, before saying: "You gonna glass me? You gonna glass me?"

He got hit in the head with the bottle, however turned the moment around by skolling the beer and getting back on stage.

Featured Image Credit: Brown Cardigan/Twitter

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