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Comedian stops show after audience member says she walked in on her friend having sex with her mum

Comedian stops show after audience member says she walked in on her friend having sex with her mum

The audience member managed a mic drop without even holding the mic

A comedian was left with basically no choice but to stop their entire performance after a member of the audience described how they'd walked in on the person next to them having sex with their mum.

It might not have been the source of entertainment people had been expecting when they went to watch Eric Neumann's show, but it would have been pretty hard to top, and Neumann knew it.

In a clip shared on TikTok, the comedian encouraged everyone to say 'goodnight' and head home after hearing the audience member making their revelation, saying: "Quite frankly, nobody could follow that s**t."

The impromptu audience storytime came as Neumann performed his stand-up routine while on tour in the US, where he addressed two members of the crowd sitting near the stage.

He asked the guy in the crowd whether the woman with him was his 'girlfriend' or his 'lady', at which point she piped up to clear things up, saying: "He had sex with my mum."

Okay, 'clear things up' was probably the wrong phrase. The revelation obviously required an explanation, so Neumann halted his show and told the crowd to 'shut the f*ck up' so they could all listen to the story.

The encounter between the man and the woman's mum came after the pair went on abroad together, with the woman explaining: "We were just abroad, and he met my mum, and [smacking sound]."

The smacking sound says it all.

Neumann couldn't get over the story.

"Wow. How old is your mum?" Neumann responded, evidently desperate for more tea.

The man revealed he was 20 at the time while the mum was 49, but the story absolutely did not end there.

Other members of the crowd revealed they were there with the pair to watch Neumann's show, and that they'd also been around when the man and the mum got down to business.

It was then that the woman performed her very own mic-drop, saying: "I walked in on it."

Neumann lost his mind at the entire situation, calling out to the club's manager to make sure they'd heard the story and calling the man involved a 'gangsta'.

The entire tale went down brilliantly with the audience, who couldn't get over the direction the show had taken.

It wouldn't have even mattered if Neumann had dozens more jokes to tell; it really would have been impossible to beat the random story of a man having sex with his friend's mum, and her walking in on it.

The awkward encounter obviously wasn't enough to stop the man and woman hanging out together, though I can't imagine she wants to be reminded of their intimate link too often.

Featured Image Credit: imericneumann/TikTok

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