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Australian Men Ranked As Having Some Of The Most Sexist Attitudes To Women In The World

Australian Men Ranked As Having Some Of The Most Sexist Attitudes To Women In The World

A shocking proportion of blokes don't agree with feminism and claims it does more harm than good.

Charisa Bossinakis

Charisa Bossinakis

Research conducted by the Global Institute for Women's Leadership and Ipos has revealed that Australian men hold some of the most sexist views in the Western world.

The study looked into the attitudes of men from more than 30 countries, including America, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, and Turkey.

There were some shocking revelations as researchers revealed many Australian men feel they 'lost out' economically, politically and socially due to 'feminism'.

It also showed that 30 percent of Australian men think that women who claim to have been abused, 'exaggerate', forming the highest percentage of any Western nation surveyed

Similarly, the research found many Australian men believe a woman should have sex with her partner even if she 'doesn't feel like it' more than any other country, except Malaysia.

One-fifth of Australian men also said gender inequality doesn't 'exist' - the second highest in the cohort, followed by Saudi Arabia.

Just over a quarter of Australian men disagreed with feminism, citing it does more harm than good.

Additionally, almost one in four Australian men think using sexist and misogynistic language online is occasionally acceptable.

Former Prime Minister and Chair of the Global Institute Julia Guillard shared that despite sexual misconduct in Australian parliament coming to the forefront, it hasn't deterred some popular problematic views.

"Sexual violence against women has been a huge focus of our community debate thanks to the bravery of Brittany Higgins, Grace Tame, and so many other courageous women," she said.

"Now comes this research with its shocking findings about underlying male attitudes, and how much worse they are in Australia compared with other countries."

Gillard, who dealt with her fair share of sexism while serving as PM, famously shut down the former leader of the Liberty Party, Tony Abbott, after he made sexist remarks against her regarding her personal life.

Earlier this year, Gillard's speech served as inspiration for Yolŋu artist Dhambit Munuŋgurr.

After unveiling Munuŋgurr's artwork 'Order' at the National Gallery of Victoria, Gillard told The Guardian: "There have been many takes on the misogyny speech. This is a truly special one."

Her speech also went viral since it first emerged after TikTok user Abbey Hansen created a mashup of Gillard's words to Doja Cat's 'Boss B***h', which earned more than one million views

So, after ranking so poorly amongst Western countries, men of Australia and those at the back, it's worth listening to this Guillard's speech once more to refresh its importance.

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