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BrewDog Release Limited Edition 'Get On The Beers' Six Pack

BrewDog Release Limited Edition 'Get On The Beers' Six Pack

That's what's most important - the beers.

Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch

Ahead of triple j's Hottest 100 this weekend, the legends over at BrewDog have combined two quintessential Aussie favourites - beer, and Mashd N Kutcher's iconic anthem 'Get On The Beers'.

With the news that the epic remix featuring Victorian Premier Dan Andrews could. crack the top 20 in the annual countdown, BrewDog have set up a crowdfunding page where they will gift the six-pack of lager to those who invest in crowdfunding offer as a celebration of their investment in the future of 'getting on the beers'.


The Brisbane brewery have also announced that they will offer ownership of their Brisbane brewery to Mashd N Kutcher if they chart in the top 20 for triple j's Hottest 100.

Yep, you read that right. The Aussie DJs will receive shares in the Brisbane brewery, 'thanks to their outstanding contribution to Aussie music and culture,' according to BrewDog.

According to the website 100 Warm Tunas, the duo could very well likely come good on the offer, with the website reporting that the iconic track looks as if it could come in at around #16 on the countdown.

The site estimates what the Hottest 100 ranking will be based on people submitting screenshots of their votes.

The 'Get On The Beers' remix by Aussie duo Mashd N Kutcher has become somewhat of an anthem to Australians throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The legendary tune features a mashup of a Covid-related press conference held by Andrews around Easter time, with the Premier's original comments being spliced into him encouraging listeners to 'get on the beers'.

"That's what's most important - the beers," Andrews is heard saying over a dance track.

"As best we can tell, the dinner party started with one case of far as we can tell, everyone at the dinner party had a case of the beers.

"Get on the beers... that's your civic duty... that's what's most important and that's what must be done," the track continues, until the beat drops with one final: "Beers".

The bop went off at the Perth Music Festival Wine Machine back in October, much to the delight of punters.

One Melbourne lad won Christmas after he constructed his Christmas lights in such a way that the lyrics of the song perfectly matched up with the song.

The track even received some major star power in the form of another remix featuring none other than Carole Baskin of Tiger King fame.

Voting has already closed for this year's Hottest 100 and the final countdown is set to air this weekend on Saturday, January 23 from midday onwards.

It'll be the perfect time to get on the beers with your mates and check it out.

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