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Aussie Woman Fuming As She's Blocked From $12 Million Trust Fund Until She Gets A Job

Aussie Woman Fuming As She's Blocked From $12 Million Trust Fund Until She Gets A Job

The heiress plans to contest her father’s inheritance demand and explained why she can't work.

A broke Australian heiress has revealed she's blocked from her AUD $12 million (£6,810,900 or USD $8,355,539) inheritance because of the way her father's trust fund was organised.

Clare Brown, who lives in Sydney’s western suburbs, can only access her jaw-dropping fortune on one condition: she either gets a job or volunteers to contribute to society.

However, the mother of one plans to contest her father’s request in court because she says her high-functioning ADHD, means she can’t hold a job.

While appearing on A Current Affairshe pleaded with her family: “Give me what is rightfully mine. I am suffering.

"Can you please stop with the whole ‘me getting a job'. It's not happening.”

Clare, whose father accumulated megabucks by working as a successful stock broker, provided his daughter with a AUD $500 (USD $348 or £284) allowance a week, while also gaining government benefits.

But Clare claims she was forced to apply for these benefits via Centrelink as her father ‘kept cutting her off’ and was ‘financially abusing’ her.

Wow, if receiving a hefty allowance each week while not working is 'financial abuse', where do I sign up?

When Clare’s late father passed earlier this year, she was denied access to her funds as she remained unemployed.

Now, the former private school girl is living off welfare payments with her wife, Lauren, as they raise their one-year-old daughter in Mount Druitt.

Clare’s partner also maintained that due to her diagnosis, she struggles to complete daily tasks and needs a checklist to remind her to do simple things, such as eat.

Clare’s previous jobs include working part-time for Autism Australia and a very brief stint as a barista, which only lasted an hour.

However, Clare’s family accuses her of using her condition as a scapegoat, including her cousin Jimmy, who slammed her efforts as ‘embarrassing’.

He told A Current Affair: "We'd like her to get a job and contribute to society. Instead of her agreeing to her dead dad's wishes, she turned around and sued her trust.

"We are at our wits end. We have done nothing but love Clare."

Featured Image Credit: Nine Network/A Current Affair. Alamy.

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