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BWS Will Donate $1 To Charity For Every Snag You Throw On The BBQ This Week

BWS Will Donate $1 To Charity For Every Snag You Throw On The BBQ This Week

Get your pals together and whack those sausages on the BBQ.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Summer is nearly upon us and you know what that means: it's BBQ season baby!

There's nothing better than dusting off the ole barbeque, slapping down some delicious meat or vegetables and letting the aroma fill the air.

Now that it's getting warmer across the country, we can finally get back into the habit of getting your pals around to your joint, cracking open some nice, cold drinks and having a bloody good time.

But if you want to help turn these soirees into a force for good then BWS has your back.

BWS has teamed up with GIVIT to launch their 'Snag A Donation' campaign, which will be running from January 19 to 26.


They will be donating $1 for every snag they see in a photo posted to Instagram with the correct tags. Considering most BBQs will feature a fair few snags, BWS could be giving away a hell of a lot.

GIVIT is a charity organization who have been helping victims of natural disasters like floods, as well as people needing Covid-19 relief, those suffering from domestic and family violence, and they also provide support to Indigenous communities.

All you have to do to get BWS to donate as much as possible is have a BBQ with some pals (or by yourself if that's your thing), whack on a few snags and then take a picture of your food. While you're there you might as well have some delicious drinks to cool you off in that summer heat.

Now that you have your picture, you have to upload that bad boy to Instagram with either a post or a story with the hashtag #snagadonation and then tag @BWS.

The legends at BWS will then be tasked with counting out each individual sausage and tally up the dollars to send to charity.

It's a perfect way to contribute to an awesome initiative.

So, make sure you throw a BBQ during mid-to-late January and get those snags cooking because BWS will do all the philanthropy for you.

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