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Fake David Attenborough Voice Narrates The ‘Natural’ Death Of A Russian Tank

Fake David Attenborough Voice Narrates The ‘Natural’ Death Of A Russian Tank

A hilarious spoof was posted to Twitter depicting the death of a Russian tank during its 'migration to Ukraine'.

The destruction of a Russian tank in Ukraine has been turned into a hilarious voiceover spoof imitating the legendary Sir David Attenborough. 

The video depicts a Russian tank looking seriously beat up, with a voice that is intentionally sharing a likeness to BBC nature documentaries, narrating its path from life to death.

The voice compares the Russian tank’s migration to the path of a Pacific salmon. 

This is exactly why the internet exists. 

The hilarious voiceover narrates the tank, saying: “This is a Russian tank. Like the Pacific salmon, Russian tanks migrate long distances from the abyss of Russia to end their lives in Ukraine’s beautiful fields.”

Seriously, if that’s not actually Sir Attenborough then whoever it is should be in line to narrate the next BBC nature documentary.

Pretty spot on narration as well, as Ukraine has been steadfast in their resistance to Russia.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine claims they have destroyed 1,170 Russian tanks along with 199 aircraft and 158 helicopters as of May 10. 

They also destroyed one of Russia’s most advanced military weapons, the T-90M, just days after it was deployed in Ukraine.

Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsapilenko posted an image on his Facebook of the destroyed tank, named ‘Breakthrough’.

It looks as healthy as the one fake Attenborough is describing.

The voiceover continues: “Driven by an evolutionary desire to end their life somewhere better, after reaching Ukraine all species of Russian tank die.”

The narration then goes on to describe the ‘2022 run’ of Russian tanks as a ‘major event for predators’, further continuing the salmon-inspired theme.

Those predators mentioned being Ukrainian special operations forces, TB2 Bayraktar Drones, and of course, local farmers on tractors. 

An obvious nod to both the success of the Ukrainian military and the humble resistance of the nation’s people. 

The video was initially shared by Ukrainian writer and translator Tetyana Denford, who says a talented colleague of hers collaborated on the video. 

It might be worth that talented colleague hitting up Sir David for a gig.

The iconic nature presenter is set to drop a storming new docuseries about dinosaurs called Prehistoric Planet. 

The most legendary voice in the documentary game is set to present over the top of Hans Zimmer’s awe-inspiring orchestral work.

The docuseries will be available to stream on AppleTV+ from May 23 to May 27 and will look to uncover little-known facts about dinosaurs and their existence.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Tetyana Denford. Alistair Heap / Alamy.

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