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Flat-Earthers Confronted By Fact That Earth Is Actually Round

Vivienne Kelly

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Flat-Earthers Confronted By Fact That Earth Is Actually Round

The Internet Gods have blessed fans of science, facts and good times with a reminder of the time flat-Earthers tried to prove our planet was flat, only for the results to show the exact opposite.

A video is doing the rounds on Reddit at the moment and it truly is a spectacular self-own for those who genuinely believe the Earth is not round.

The snippet from the 2018 documentary film Behind The Curve shows two men conducting a light experiment, which is meant to 'prove' our beautiful celestial object is as flat as a pancake.

When confronted with the outcome of their test, one of the men is...well, confused.


The DIY experiment saw the duo use a camera to film through two holes.

One person operated the camera while the other stood on the other side of the panels with holes in the middle of them and they shined a torch back at the device.

They were hoping it would confirm the idea that the torch would hit the camera when being shone in a straight line because they believe the earth is flat.


However, they quickly realised that because the earth is a round ball it meant the torch light couldn't be seen.

It wasn't until the torch-holder brought it up a bit and shined it through at an angle that the light was picked up by the camera.

What an absolute self-burn.


The flat-earth says in the clip: "Interesting."

He was clearly trying to work out how his seemingly foolproof method has come undone so incredibly poorly.

People watching the clip on the Reddit post were equally floor at how badly the experiment ended for the duo.

One person wrote: "That documentary is full of flat earthers owning themselves. There's even a group of guys that spend A TON of money for expensive gyroscopes, and they all show the earth spinning by exactly what they said it would indicate if the earth was truly a spinning sphere. When they read the results they blank (like this guy) and then decide the gyroscope is faulty."


Another added: "And I'm sure mental gymnastics were performed to still be a flat earther."

The documentary follows flat earth believer Mark Sargent, who already has YouTube videos and podcasts dedicated to the conspiracy.

It also features professionals and members of the scientific community, who delve into the facts, as well as the consequences of society's lack of critical thinking.

The film is available in Australia on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Topics: Viral, flat earth, News

Vivienne Kelly
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