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Homeless Man Discovered Living With 47 Cats Inside His Car

Homeless Man Discovered Living With 47 Cats Inside His Car

As the mercury hit 32 degrees outside, the Animal Humane Society swung into action to stop the group of cats from baking inside the car.

An enormous group of 47 cats have been rescued from inside a hot car as temperatures soared to 32 degrees C outside.

A man was found to be living in the car with the massive group of cats in the US state of Wisconsin.

He had recently become homeless and had begun living in his car with the cats as he didn't want to abandon them.

The Animal Humane Society and Chisago County Sheriff's Office was called to intervene to save the cats from baking in the American summer heat.

"Living inside your car alongside your cats and unsure where to turn - this was the reality a community member faced when a concerned police officer knocked on their car window," the Animal Humane Society said in an online statement.

Animal Humane Society

They added: "Thankfully, Animal Humane Society was there to help, removing 47 cats from the van and providing them with much-needed care."

The cats ranged from kittens to 12 years of age.

Animal Humane Society is now examining each cat and providing vaccinations, balanced nutrition, specialised behavioural rehabilitation, and desexing.

The Animal Humane Society revealed that despite the sizzling June heat, the cats only had minor medical issues.

"Though most are dehydrated and a little untrusting of our helping hands. It will take days, if not weeks, to provide the ongoing care each animal needs," the Animal Humane Society said.

Ashley Pudas, an investigator at the Animal Humane Society, told Sky News that while the man was trying to do his best, he recognised that he could no longer care for the cats in a safe manner.

Animal Humane Society

"Unfortunately, with the heat yesterday, he recognised that it was above and beyond what he was capable of at this time and he let us help them out," she said.

Pudas said some of the cats did have minor injuries and hair loss, which is common for a large group of cats in a confined space.

According to the New York Post, the owner had been living with the cats for a while in the vehicle, but he had not left them alone.

He had previously given up another 14 that had been living in the car.

Once the 47 cats are given a clean bill of health by the Animal Humane Society they will be made available for adoption.

The owner of the cats was assessed on the scene by paramedics and was provided with medical resources.

Featured Image Credit: Animal Humane Society.

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