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Humans Of New York Has Done A 32-Part Story On Legendary Woman About Her Incredible Life

Humans Of New York Has Done A 32-Part Story On Legendary Woman About Her Incredible Life

Late last year, the world was introduced to Tanqueray.

The incredibly popular Instagram account Humans of New York did a three-part story on the woman and people were blown away by the epic story of her life.

People even called for a streaming service or production company to jump on her little anecdotes and turn them into a documentary or TV series.

Well, it looks like there's more stories to be told. A lot more.


The social media account has unveiled a 32-part series on the former stripper, as she has well and truly spilled the beans about what she used to get up to back in the day.

Tanqueray - whose real name is Stephanie - claims that thousands of men used to line up in New York City's Times Square to get a signed photo of her.

"My signature meant something to them," she said in the Humans of New York post.


"They'd line up around the block whenever I was dancing in Times Square, just so I could sign the cover of their nudie magazine. I'd always write: 'You were the best I ever had.' Or some stupid s*** like that."

She's also revealed where her now-infamous nickname came from.

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Tanqueray says she was constantly hounded to do bachelor parties, however she knocked them back because she knew she would have to strip.

After her dancing jobs dried up, she decided to give the parties a go and was invited to perform a show at a volunteer fire station in Long Island. After a successful show and being asked to come back for more, she got super excited about her future doing burlesque.

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(33/32) If there's anything that's clear from Stephanie's story-it's her candor. But one condition of her storytelling has always been that we respect the privacy of her two children, and not include details about their lives. (Yes, there were two.) Many of you asked what happened to Stephanie's first son. They have had a relationship for almost his entire life. Sometimes distant. Sometimes close. But by the time I met Stephanie, she had not spoken to him for a few years. This was clearly a source of pain for her. But Stephanie has that particular habit of people who have been hurt, where at the slightest hint of conflict, she'll reflexively withdraw- so at least she can be hurt on her own terms. This is what happened with her son. I'd always wondered about Mitch. And during the course of our story, some determined readers discovered his Instagram account. I reached out to him and we had a long chat. As it so often goes, Mitch and Stephanie's estrangement was based on a misunderstanding. There had been a particularly bad argument, and both were convinced that the other did not desire a relationship. Stephanie asked me to give Mitch her new cellphone number. And a couple days later they spent a wonderful afternoon together. It was the happiest I've seen Stephanie. 'It hasn't always been easy with my mother,' Mitch explained. 'But I know her story. And I understand her traumas. So I have nothing against her. It's taken a lot of work-but I've arrived in a place of positivity. My worldview is this: 'At all times, people are doing one of two things. They're showing love. Or they're crying out for it.'
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People Want This Humans Of New York Story To Be Turned Into A TV Series

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She said on HONY: "But there was only one problem: 'Stephanie' wasn't sexy enough for burlesque, so I needed a new name.

"Oscar [one of her loyal followers] tried to help me come up with ideas. He kept sipping on his drink, and thinking real hard, but nothing was coming. Then after a few minutes, he slammed his glass down on the table and said: 'Tanqueray.' It sounded perfect to me."

While her shows gave her a new lease on life, it wasn't always easy. There was a particularly difficult moment when Stephanie realised that she couldn't keep doing burlesque.


"Some nights I'd go back to the dressing room, and look in the mirror, and I'd realise that I don't even exist. Nobody's clapping for Stephanie," she said. "They're clapping for Tanqueray. And sometimes I'd get so depressed thinking like that, I'd just start crying."

These are just tiny snippets of a massive story that gets wilder with each sentence.

Hopefully someone picks this story up and makes it into the documentary we all want to see.

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