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Influencers Over The Age Of 30 Told To Stay Off TikTok Because They’re Too Old

Influencers Over The Age Of 30 Told To Stay Off TikTok Because They’re Too Old

They've been called out for bringing 'absolutely nothing to the table trying to make it on TikTok'

Social media influencers over the age of 30 are being told to get off TikTok because they're too old.

The savage suggestion came from the Celeb Spellcheck Instagram page.

The account screenshots awkward posts from celebrities where they might have made a spelling error in the caption.

However, the page has now broadened its scope to hold 'influencers to account for their lies and irresponsible behaviour', according to the Daily Mail.

The page administrator, who is anonymous, engaged in a Q&A with their fans about social media.


When asked who they thought was the Australian celebrity that sparked the most amount of cringe, Celeb Spellcheck cast a very wide net.

"I would say it's all the thirtysomething old-school influencers who got lucky with an Instagram following years ago but bring absolutely nothing to the table trying to make it on TikTok," they said.

"TikTok is a whole new ball game. You need something to offer and a pretty face doesn't cut it. Plus it's absolutely brutal."

Very little is known about the person who runs the Celeb Spellcheck account.

Based off past Q&As, the administrator has revealed she's in her late 20s, works in PR and now lives in Melbourne's south-east.

She has also kept her side hustle very discreet.

The account holder said she's only told her boyfriend and a few friends that she runs the huge page.

While her assessment of the social media landscape might be brutal news for some, she's not wrong.

To be fair, it is a fairly tough arena where people try to get famous every day with their short clips that are designed to go viral.

There's no denying as well that loads of people are drawn to the prospect of being a TikTok influencer.

And it look like these 30-somethings will have a lot of competition.

A poll conducted back in 2019, when TikTok was in its infancy, found that a massive majority of kids want to be a social media influencer when they grow up.

Morning Consult's report found 86 per cent of American children who were surveyed hoped they could be a content creator one day.

There were also 12 per cent of respondents who believed they already were an influencer.

Imagine trying to create all that content while juggling homework and all the other things that kids have to manage.

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