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Jesinta Franklin Calls Out Australia's 'Broken' Justice System

Jesinta Franklin Calls Out Australia's 'Broken' Justice System

The model and influencer said the way Australia treats its Indigenous population will 'break your heart'.

Vivienne Kelly

Vivienne Kelly

Jesinta Franklin has drawn attention to the injustices and disparities faced by Australia's Indigenous population in the country's justice system.

The Australian model said the realities of the situation would 'make you uncomfortable' and 'break your heart'.

Jesinta Franklin/ Instagram

Franklin - who is married to AFL player and Noongar man Lance 'Buddy' Franklin - was reacting to the confronting Unheard series on Amazon Prime Video, which tracks racial discrimination in Australia, including Indigenous deaths in custody and how authorities target Indigenous youth.

Franklin said Unheard was 'essential viewing'.

It's not the first time Franklin has engaged with and been vocal on the inequality faced by Australia's Indigenous population.

When four-year-old Australian girl Cleo Smith went missing in Western Australia, which generated scores of media attention, public support and international headlines, she noted the disparity between missing white children and First Nations youngsters.

"I have read so many heartbreaking stories of missing Indigenous children that garner hardly any media coverage or the social media coverage that a case like Cleo's did," she said.

"I have no doubt the widespread broadcasting of information in regards to the case assisted the phenomenal efforts of the WA police in locating this beautiful little girl and reuniting her with her family."

Franklin noted it's important for people to engage in 'confronting and often forgotten topics' in order to move the conversation forward.

Despite a Royal Commission into Indigenous deaths in custody in 1991, high death rates continue.

Since the Royal Commission, there have been 500 Indigenous deaths in custody.

The Unheard series is produced by LADbible Australia Originals, with funding from Screen Australia.

The six-part series also explores Islamophobia, the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, attacks on Asians throughout COVID-19 and the vilification of the African community.

Unheard extends LADbible Australia's Unheard campaign, which launched in February 2021.

Words by Vivienne Kelly.

Featured Image Credit: Jestina Franklin/Instagram

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