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Krispy Kreme Australia Has Launched Bite-Sized Original Glazed Doughnut Balls

Krispy Kreme Australia Has Launched Bite-Sized Original Glazed Doughnut Balls

Try not to eat them all at once.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Krispy Kreme set the world on fire earlier this month when it announced it would be giving away a free box of a dozen doughnuts to anyone who had a birthday during isolation.

It caused snaking lines out the door and everyone clambered to get their free goodies.

Well, it looks like the company has sparked a similar frenzy after announcing it will be selling bite-sized Original Glazed Doughnut balls.

It's just like your traditional glazed doughnut, but this time you can shove the whole thing in your gob and let the goodness slide down your throat (You might want to chew a couple of times to ensure it doesn't get stuck).

Krispy Kreme has released a statement on its website, saying: "They're a little cute, and considering they're literally bite-sized versions of our Original Glazed:registered: Doughnut, we know you're going to love these Bites a lot!

"We're packing the iconic flavour of our signature Original Glazed Doughnut into a bite sized treat just for you.

"Add a box or two of these to your next order and take a moment to enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness that Krispy Kreme has perfected for decades.

"Original Glazed Bites are available to purchase from your nearest Krispy Kreme Store, or at 7-Eleven locations. They come in a pack of six, so there's a little for everyone, or grab a few boxes and there will be plenty to share!"

Krispy Kreme

Yeah right, no one will be sharing these bad boys. Especially when they're just $5 for a pack of six.

After posting the news onto the company's Australian Facebook page, people have liked, shared and commented on it in the tens of thousands.

One person reacting to the doughnut balls said: "I swore I'd never set foot through the door again until the cappuccino donut came back...but these may just make me eat my words."

Another added: "Had them this morning with my grandsons for morning tea. Really nice."

A third wrote: "Quite simply you're the best in what you do."

At the moment, they'll be available in Krispy Kreme and 7-Eleven stores across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia until August 28. Sadly, they won't be available through Krispy Kreme Online, UberEATS, or Menulog.

Featured Image Credit: Krispy Kreme

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