LADs Rack Up Humungous Bar Bill After 'A Few Quiet Ones' Turns Into 11-Hour Session


LADs Rack Up Humungous Bar Bill After 'A Few Quiet Ones' Turns Into 11-Hour Session

A group of six people has racked up an impressive bar bill after a big drinking session.

What was meant to just be 'a few quiet ones' ended up being an 11-hour boozing marathon that saw the group down a variety of liquor.

They gathered at the popular Railway Bar over the weekend in Drogheda, Ireland at 1pm and didn't leave until the pub was shut at midnight.

In that epic timeframe, they managed to slosh down some Coors, Moretti, Jägermeister, Tequila, Carlsberg, Heineken, and a hell of a lot of Guinness.


The bill eventually came to €679 (£580/AUD$1,100), which is fairly impressive for just six people.

People couldn't believe the length of the final bill and were impressed by their efforts.

The bloke who posted the receipt to TikTok said his 'bank account is feeling hungover as well cause it was my treat'.


While that is fairly incredible considering it was just mean to be a 'quiet' night, it pales in comparison to other people who went deliberately hard on a night out.

One man shared the receipt from a particularly outrageous drinking session in Las Vegas. Anyone who knows anything about Las Vegas can probably tell you that a weekend in Sin City doesn't come cheap.

However, while many folks show up to bet their money at the tables, one bloke decided he'd rather put his money on a sure shot - getting loaded in a bar.

To be fair, he must have achieved that, but he left with a receipt showing he'd spent just under $8,613 (£6,238/AU$11,763).


It's a hefty tab, which must have given the bearer of such a receipt a hefty groan when they awoke with - presumably - a crushing hangover the next day.

It was shared by a Twitter user who wished to out his friend's largesse online for everyone to see.

Credit: TwitterCredit: Twitter

They wrote: "My buddies tab after a day party at Encore Beach Club over MDW... pent up demand is very very real and Vegas is back."


That makes sense, it's been a long pandemic for us all, and maybe they just wanted to blow off some steam?

So, what does that kind of cheese buy you at the Encore Beach Club?

To begin with, there's an $825 (£582) bottle of Tito's Handmade Vodka. Pretty steep, given that a cursory search reveals one can be purchased for about £30.

Then, we've got tequila. While it may make people happy, it may have come tinged with sadness at $725 (£511) per go.


The man also appears to have paid out for three magnums of Pierre-Jouet Belle champagne at $1,350 (£952) per bottle. That means the whole champagne bill came to $4,050 (£2,857).

Without getting too far into listing everything on there, he also forked over for a chicken finger platter at 75 bucks - perhaps the strangest part of the menu - and 12 - yes, 12 - sugar free Red Bulls.

Featured Image Credit: thatamariano/TikTok

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