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Greggs superfan turns his car into the 'sausage roller' and drives it past schools

Greggs superfan turns his car into the 'sausage roller' and drives it past schools

His unusual motor has even caught the attention of the bakery chain itself

A Greggs superfan has taken his love of the bakery chain to a new level by transforming his car into the ‘Sausage Roller’.

Joe James, 18, turned his blue Suzuki Wagon R into a travelling tribute to the beloved bakery and has since been offered some freebies from Greggs for his efforts.

Student Joe enlisted the help of his pal Dylan Gamble to create the ultimate vehicular tribute to the popular bakery chain - and I have to admit, I think it’s quite excellent.

The teens came up with the idea while hanging out at the weekend and were able to put their plan into action in just a couple of days after a quick online shop.

With the motor transformed the due took it for a spin on the streets of Leicester, where they received a ‘fantastic’ reaction.

Joe, who passed his test two months ago, said it was a ‘stupid idea’, but I couldn’t disagree more strongly.

Joe, from Braunstone, Leicester, said: "Every time I hear someone say the name Sausage Roller, it just gets funnier.

Greggs superfan Joe James transformed his car.
Kennedy News and Media

"Yesterday we drove round Leicester city centre and drove by all the schools at 3pm and we got so many great reactions - it was fantastic.

"I look forward to driving it around because the reactions you get are amazing. Someone offered to buy us some Greggs yesterday.

"My mum sent the photo of the car to Greggs on Instagram originally and they said they might send it to their marketing team which is unbelievable.

"I can't believe a company like Greggs noticed me. We didn't think we would get this reaction."

The spectacular vehicle has even caught the attention of Greggs.
Kennedy News and Media

Joe added: "When I posted the photos on Twitter last night, I had Greggs message me and said they are going to send me and Dylan free stuff.

"It blew up massively and I wasn't expecting this at all and I love it."

Oh and in case you’re wondering what the Greggs’ connoisseur’s favourite snack is, it’s a toss up between a sausage roll and a sausage, bean and cheese melt. A man of taste, I see.

"It's Greggs 'til I die,” he added. “I love a Greggs sausage roll.

Joe and pal Dylan took the Sausage Roller for a spin.
Kennedy News and Media

"It's a classic and there is nothing better than a Greggs sausage roll, but my go-to is a sausage bean and cheese melt.

"I'm at college at the moment and we normally walk into the city centre to get lunch and of course it has to be a Greggs."

A Greggs spokesperson said: "There are dream cars, and then there's The Sausage Roller… we love to see the efforts our customers make to show their love for Greggs.

"We hope to see the Sausage Roller rolling through one of our drive-thrus soon."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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