Nine Apes Receive Coronavirus Vaccine At San Diego Zoo

Nine Apes Receive Coronavirus Vaccine At San Diego Zoo

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Police Investigate Lyle Shelton For Bragging About Running Across The QLD-NSW Border

Police Investigate Lyle Shelton For Bragging About Running Across The QLD-NSW Border

Queensland Police have launched an investigation into Lyle Shelton for crossing the QLD-NSW border without a permit.

The anti-LGBT commentator and Christian conservative uploaded photos to social media bragging about how easy it was to cross from Coolangatta in Queensland to the Tweed River in New South Wales.

He wrote: "Sneaky run across the border and back. Avoided the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] virus police."


The post didn't attract much from his followers, however enough people decided to tag Queensland Police in the comments section and they certainly pricked up their proverbial ears.

The force replied to Lyle's post with: "We are aware of this tweet and making further enquiries."

After several hours of silence, Mr Shelton posted a message to his followers explaining the situation in more detail.

"I was happy to speak with Queensland police today & explain my run along the coast from Coolangatta to the Tweed & back," he tweeted.

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"There were no checkpoints for joggers, walkers or lizards. I have not visited a hotspot. There is a valid debate re borders but I respect the role of our police."

Anyone who has been in Greater Sydney is forced to go into hotel quarantine for two weeks if they want to visit Queensland.

People outside Greater Sydney in New South Wales are required to have a border permit to cross.

QPS commissioner Katarina Carroll said Mr Shelton did have the necessary permit to cross into Queensland, however it was work that could have been avoided.


"It was disappointing to see that tweet. When you see something like we need to put resources into it, which we have," Ms Carroll said. "He has been spoken to. He can cross the border...I understand he has a G pass.

"He thought it was funny, but it's not. [By doing that] you're taking away resources from other places."

Police minister Mark Ryan added: "There's a saying: it's better for people to think you're an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm it. Maybe that's a relevant application for Mr Shelton."

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