Man Who 'Predicts' NSW Covid-19 Cases Gets It Wrong After Government Tries To Expose Mole

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Man Who 'Predicts' NSW Covid-19 Cases Gets It Wrong After Government Tries To Expose Mole

The bloke who has been 'predicting' the daily coronavirus case numbers for New South Wales has got it wrong for the first time in nearly a week.

Jon-Bernard Kairouz has been blowing up on social media in the last few days, with his daily videos posted before the 11am press conference being spot on every single time.

The bloke says it's down to his math prowess and told Fitzy and Wippa last week about the method to his madness.


"Look I have, we put in the hard yards last night, me and my brothers, we put the algorithm together and it's been working. We take everything into account, the circumference of the community, the number of active cases," he said.

"Honestly there's rumours and conspiracy theories flying around that I'm related to Gladys or her nephew or related to her new boyfriend, that's not the case. It's numbers mate, that's all I can say, it's a solid formula.

"I work at a college as a janitor and sometimes I'll see an equation on a whiteboard and I can just finish it. I feel like I'm smarter than most of the kids there!"

But last night's prediction of 109 cases for today (July 19) has turned out to be wrong.


The total number of cases for New South Wales was revealed to be 98.

Credit: Jon-Bernard Kairouz/TikTok
Credit: Jon-Bernard Kairouz/TikTok

It's the first mishap in Mr Kairouz's predictions and it could be due to the state government's recent 'investigation'.

News Corp reports NSW Health has launched an 'unusually' large probe into the bloke to see whether he has a mole inside the department.


Many are suspicious of him using random maths to work out new case numbers and believe a contact at the government or NSW Health would have to be the most likely source.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford told The Morning Show that the Premier's office 'believe [the leaks are] actually a threat to public health and safety because he doesn't provide any kind of narrative around the figures that he is putting out each night'.

He added: "So there has been a witchhunt on, my information is in the last hour that they set traps for him, and they may have borne fruit. They may have now found the person that it is."

When asked if the state government has been using tactics to flesh out a mole, the NSW Health Minister shut down that theory, but didn't fully rule it out.


Brad Hazzard told the Daily Telegraph: "There was no sting, we are not chasing people but the figures will be distributed on a needs to know basis."

So, you can take his future predictions with a grain of salt.

Featured Image Credit: Jon-Bernard Kairouz/TikTok

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