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Woman tries innovative hack for extra hand luggage and actually gets away with it

Woman tries innovative hack for extra hand luggage and actually gets away with it

The TikTok she posted has gone viral, as many people have been inspired by her method

A woman has tried an interesting hack that can get you extra hand luggage, and against all odds, it's worked.

Trying to fit everything you want to bring on holiday into a single carry on bag can be almost impossible sometimes.

You can almost never include everything you want while staying under the weight limit or without paying for a check-in bag.

What's more, having just a single hand carry saves the hassle that can be brought on by airport security.

It's a serious issue guys, let's be honest.

It's the last thing on the list you want to worry about, especially after sorting out which destination you're going to, booking your accommodation and how you'll spend money there. After all that, all that's left to do is pack - arguably the worst part.

A lot of us cut corners and bring less than we want, but it can leave you feeling unfulfilled and missing that one shirt you left behind.

But a new hack has been revealed that could alleviate all of these problems and worries, and get you that extra bit of space.

How, you may ask?

The pillowcase hack could be the new trend for budding travellers.

Well, user @lequeefthief has made a TikTok showing exactly how you can pull it off.

In the short video, she puts all of the extra clothes that didn't fit in her carry-on luggage into a pillowcase.

Named 'the overpacking pillow hack', all you need is an empty pillowcase to carry it out.

You simply stuff it with your clothes (anything solid like a charger would probably give it away), and everyone thinks it's a pillow for you to use onboard.

It's genius.

The TikToker said in the video that she made it through security with 'no problems' despite already having a bag and a backpack.

At the end of the video, she shows off all the clothes she managed to fit in, and to be fair, it's a decent amount.

You'll manage to fit a lot of clothes in the pillowcase, giving you a decent amount of extra space.

The only negative revealed by our hack hero was that she found the pillow heavy to carry around.

A small price to pay, then.

Users were shocked at the video, which has amassed 3.4 million views.

One said: "This is so good to know wooo"

Another commented: "A great add on tip for this is using the pillowcase as a laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes contained."

Good point.

A third put: "No that’s actually genius and I will be doing it".

A different user jokingly commented: "And you got a beautiful pillowcase out of it".

A game-changing hack for those of you who just need that bit more space on flights.

It might get a bit obvious when everyone gets on a Ryanair flight with a stuffed pillowcase though.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @lequeefthief

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