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Nike TNs Have Been Banned From Multiple Aussie Businesses For Links To Eshay Culture

Jayden Collins

| Last updated 

Nike TNs Have Been Banned From Multiple Aussie Businesses For Links To Eshay Culture

The infamous Nike TNs have become a symbol for eshay culture across Australia and have been banned in several businesses for their links to crime.

The shoe, which was designed by Sean McDowell in 1998, is meant to emulate Florida’s laid back palm trees and coastline, according to Grounded.

However in Australia, they're associated with something very different.

The shoes have been shoplifted, brawls have been started over the pairs, people have been rolled by those wearing them, and had them stolen directly from their feet. 


It seems most of Australia has caught on to the fact that if you see someone wearing these shoes around then it might not be in your best interest not to trust them.

They may in fact be the nicest person you’ve ever met, but the reputation of wearing Nike TN’s precedes itself. 

Pubs across the country have caught on as well, with many enforcing a dress code that would ban such a shoe from being permitted in their establishment. 


The Marsden Brewhouse in Sydney faced backlash after a sign at the hotel refused entry anyone that was wearing TNs or the almost as infamous Air Maxes.

The Brewhouse also restricted satchels and bumbags for males, and any gang related tattoos - so essentially any eshay-leaning folk. 

However, the owner of the hotel later abolished the code.

He said on 2GB: “When I found out about it this morning, it was pulled down immediately.


“I have no idea who put it up there, evidently I've since found out. There are some of the guys, the guys who wear their caps back to front, 'eshays' have been around the front of the hotel, just being intimidating.''

The Bank in Sydney’s Newtown also denied entry to patrons wearing the shoe.

One patron told the Telegraph about his situation, saying: “They sent me a response back saying: 'I know it can be difficult to understand as we all want to wear our runners out sometimes as its ­comfortable.


“However, these types of footwear are more often than not worn by less than ­desirable patrons. By that I mean they are gang members at worst case scenario, or just young men you think are gang members.

“I can honestly guarantee you that almost every single person I've caught selling drugs on the premises or has picked a fight has been wearing those shoes.

“Seb, you are always welcome in our hotel. We simply ask that you assist us in keeping out the wrong sorts of people by not wearing your TNs or ­Air Maxes.


“I know it sounds silly but it really does work.”

These days if you see any YouTuber, TikToker, or social media personality attempting to parody an eshay then you’ll most definitely see a pair of Nike TNs on their feet.

The shoes have become synonymous with the culture, and it’s quite difficult to separate the two.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Eshaygram. TikTok/swag.on.the.beat

Topics: Nike, Australia

Jayden Collins
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