People Are Going Wild Over Salami Roses For Charcuterie Boards


People Are Going Wild Over Salami Roses For Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards are the perfect addition to any picnic, sunset drinks, friends coming over or chilled movie night.

You might have a special way of laying out all the items in a perfect fashion, however there's a new trend that will make your board look better than everyone else's.

They're called salami roses and while they might look super fancy, they're super easy to make.

Thanks to a few videos on social media, people all over the world can now lay these delicious meat flowers all over their charcuterie boards and watch their friends scream with delight.


So, if you want to get in on the action then listen up. Depending how large you want this meat flower to be, select a glass (preferably a wine or prosecco glass) and place it in front of you.

Get your slices of salami and place half inside the glass and fold the other half over the outside. Ensure you create a crease in the meat so the side on the outside will stand up.

Move a couple of centimetres to the right or left of your first slice and repeat the same method.


Go around the glass rim gradually until you've come full-circle. Repeat once or twice all the way around until you have a few thick layers of 'petals'.

Once you've completed it, you just need to tip the meat flower upside down and place it on your board and you should have a delicious and perfect looking salami rose.

People have gone wild for them on social media, with one person commenting: "They look delightful."

Another added: "This is so pretty I love it."


A third wrote: "Oh my heavens."

There are hundreds of people who have given it a whirl on Instagram and the results are pretty magical.

You'd be able to do this with any cold meat that you wanted to include on your charcuterie board. So what are you waiting for? Get in there and start making some goddamn roses.

There's another method that you can try but it requires a lot more finger work and rolling, but hey you do you.

Featured Image Credit: janelleelise/TikTok

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