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People can’t get over ‘depressing’ video showing how pre-packaged sandwiches are actually made

People can’t get over ‘depressing’ video showing how pre-packaged sandwiches are actually made

The truth behind our meal deals has been revealed

You may always have wondered just how the sandwiches you get in a meal deal are made.

As one of the staples of British culture, so many people rely on meal deals for a quick and easy lunch in the middle of a busy day.

A video that has showcased exactly how ready-made sandwiches has begun to circulate the Internet - and has intrigued all of those who have seen it.

Certain sandwich fans have been said to be put off by the methods on show to prepare our mid-work meals.

The original video was from creators How It's Made, shared on the Science Channel's YouTube page, but it has been reposted on Reddit for a new audience to see.

With over 36k upvotes on the video and thousands of comments, it's fair to say that it has reached an even wider audience.

The processes it undergoes in the factory are shown with no filter at all, with one part of the video showing how sandwiches are made with specific requirements and ingredients with the use of both machines and manual labour.

Machines are used to put butter on the bread.
Science Channel

Panning across the different workers that are putting freshly sliced bread into an automated machine, it is explained that they are checked for flaws and bread slices that aren't 10/10 are removed.

Bread is separated using a machine, as a roller spreads butter onto each, moving the slices to the next stage where mayonnaise is applied.

Workers step back in for adding fillings, especially when 'more specific' ones have been requested.

The documentary shows worker's hands adding grated cheese and cold cuts of ham to each sandwich and putting them together before a machine slices them neatly into triangles to be packaged.

In another part, it shows the bulk process for creating sandwiches with the same ingredients as part of a fully automated assembly line, covering everything from mayonnaise spread to mixing the filling and assembling the sandwich.

It then pans across an assembly line putting sandwich filling onto bread using a nozzle before a machine's robotic arm slices the sandwiches and puts them together for packaging.

While some horrified viewers have been left swearing off sandwiches after witnessing some of the pretty gnarly-looking fillings, some have been left mildly impressed.

Manual labour is paired with machines to make the sandwiches.
Science Channel

One Reddit user commented: "Everyone is concerned about the gloveless workers and I’m just sitting here upset that the 2 halves you get, aren’t both from the same sandwich."

Another said: "I’m down with the robot made ones 100%. Assembly line gloveless humans makes me a bit uncomfortable, however."

A third put: "Just about every restaurant you order food from has gloveless people touching your food."

An unwelcome awakening, for some.

Featured Image Credit: Getty / Science Channel

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