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People Are Rearranging Spices In Aussie Supermarkets To Spell 'ScoMo Is A Dic'

Stewart Perrie


People Are Rearranging Spices In Aussie Supermarkets To Spell 'ScoMo Is A Dic'

Political activism comes in all shapes and sizes.

The great thing about democracy is that you can stand up for what you believe in, whether that's through organising an online petition or by launching a protest in a peaceful and calm way.

A much more subtle campaign has started on social media and it involves spices.

Yes, that rack of delicious additives that you have in your kitchen is being hijacked in Aussie supermarkets to spell out a little message.


Considering most supermarkets stock a massive variety of spices in their dedicated aisles, you could spell a whole bunch of things.

Some people, who quite clearly don't really like Australia's Prime Minister, have been spelling out 'ScoMo Is A Dic' with the bottles.

It seems the campaign kicked off late last year and people have been posting their results onto Twitter.


One Twitter account claimed the warped supermarket spice racks have been seen in New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

There were loads of people who thought the dig was pretty hilarious.


A user wrote: "I need to go into Coles & rearrange their spices... Imagine if we ALL did, the entire country!"

Another added: "I must remember to do this when I go to Woolies tomorrow Perhaps line them up on the empty toilet paper shelves? Or in the almost empty meat counters?"

A third said: "Need to create a signature curry using those spices...maybe put the curry on a fish."

However, there was also a group of online Twitter users who reckon it's not only childish but unfair on supermarket workers who will undoubtably have to change the spices back to their original arrangement.


The critics said supermarket staff already have enough on their plate with loads of shelves empty due to supply issues.

Look, it's not something that we would advocate for, only because it means someone has to fix it, and that's not fair.

The internet is divided on whether the subtle dig is funny.

Featured Image Credit: @mppfister/Twitter

Topics: Viral, News, Australia

Stewart Perrie
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