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Fury Erupts Over 'Crazy' Scenes Of Aussies In NSW Lining Up At Midnight To Shop At Kmart

Fury Erupts Over 'Crazy' Scenes Of Aussies In NSW Lining Up At Midnight To Shop At Kmart

Hundreds of people waited patiently to walk through the doors of the shopping centre as Freedom Day arrived.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

People in New South Wales have been able to enjoy their regular lives again after restrictions were lifted at 12:01 this morning (October 11).

Freedom Day means residents are now able to do retail shopping, head to the pub, cafe or restaurant, get their nails or hair done and also have people over to their homes.

While many will be waiting until they finish work to soak up the newfound freedoms, there was a small selection of people who lined up outside some establishments at midnight to be the first inside.

But you wouldn't be alone in thinking it was like Boxing Day sales as people rushed into one Kmart store to pick up things they were too desperate to wait for delivery.

Loads of videos have been posted on social media showing the 'Kmart frenzy' that happened when the doors opened.

While everyone was mostly orderly, many people weren't used to the scenes that were playing out after spending months in lockdown.

One person wrote: "Guys, our lockdown ends in six minutes and I just go to Kmart because they're opening at midnight and you should see how many people are here, it's crazy."

There were long lines of people inside the store as people stocked up items in their shopping trolley.

Many have slammed the actions of the people who flooded the store just as Freedom Day arrived, arguing that there could be more cases in the state as a result of it.

Kmart has issued a statement saying they had loads of measures in place to ensure they were sticking to the rules and that the store was as safe as it could be.

A spokesperson for the company said: "We are lucky to operate large format stores like supermarkets that can have a number of people safely shopping and I can confirm that none of our stores have gone over these capacities this morning.

"We know there are lots of excited customers out shopping this morning, including at Mt Druitt and in some stores we have some lines of people waiting for registers or to enter - we often see this a short time after opening and we will continue to work together with our customers and continue to adhere to our safety practices and government requirements.

"We have been working with authorities and our teams to make sure everyone has enjoyable experience in a safe and friendly shopping environment."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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