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Researchers Are Looking For 200 Aussies To Take Part In A Cannabis Trial

Researchers Are Looking For 200 Aussies To Take Part In A Cannabis Trial

You just have to be over the age of 18 and have difficulty sleeping to be eligible.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Researchers are hoping to kick off a clinical trial in Australia to see whether a form of medicinal cannabis can help with insomnia.

According to News Corp, the struggle to fall or stay asleep currently affects one in seven Aussies.

Independent sleep research organisation, the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, has partnered with Bod, a 'pharmaceutical-grade, medicinal cannabis' company, for the upcoming study.


They're looking for 200 people who would be keen to take a CBD capsule to see if it helps them with their sleep patterns.

Most people think cannabis involves getting high, but that's the THC component in the plant and that's the chemical that will make you feel relaxed, giggly and/or hungry.

However, CBD is the other component that researchers are keen to know more about and whether it can be beneficial to the human body.

Despite the federal government allowing CBD-based products to be bought over the counter from February last year, there's still no TGA-approved products for sale.

Bod is hoping to change that if their trial works out the way they want it to.


The Woolcock Institute's Professor Ron Grunstein, who is their Head of the Sleep and Circadian Group, is hopeful they can get cracking with the study as soon as they find the 200 participants.

"There hasn't been a large-scale study done like this before looking at the efficacy of CBD for its efficacy in patients without insomnia," he said.

"In past trials, it usually involves THC which is the part of the cannabis that makes you high. The active treatment will last around eight weeks, but the follow up will be 12 weeks.

"We will have doctors on hand if a participant experiences any side effects. Participants should not have used any form of cannabis at least three months before taking part in the trial."


The trial will be mostly online and will see the CBD medication delivered to the participant's home. They'll be instructed how and when to take it and it'll be up to them to monitor the effects.

It's open for anyone who is over the age of 18 and has trouble sleeping.

According to the Daily Telegraph, you don't need to have been diagnosed with medical condition related to a lack of sleep, you just have to be one of those people who struggles to nod off.

Bod and The Woolcock Institute are happy to have people apply from anywhere in Australia and all they have to do is register their interest here: [email protected].

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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