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Russia Will Teach Compulsory Patriotic Education To Students As Young As Seven

Jayden Collins

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Russia Will Teach Compulsory Patriotic Education To Students As Young As Seven

Russia is getting set to ramp up its patriotic education amid the war in Ukraine, in a move that will see compulsory historical education introduced to children as young as seven. 

Russian Education Ministry made the announcement at the opening of an exhibition called ‘Everyday Nazism’, set to be shown at a nationwide schools forum, ‘The Power is in the Truth’.

Russian Education Minister Sergei Krastov said: “Historical education will begin in schools from the first grade.

“We will never allow it [to be written] that we somehow treated other nations – our fraternal nations of Ukraine and Belarus – poorly. We will do everything in our power so that historical memory is preserved.”


The move was, of course, endorsed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who wanted to ensure that children were taught the 'correct' version of Russian history.

The President also made a speech to forum participants stressing the importance.


He said: “A deep understanding of our history and a respectful, thoughtful attitude to the great patriotic, spiritual and cultural heritage of the Fatherland enables us to draw correct conclusions from the past.”

The plan will see the current age of compulsory history lessons in Russia reduced by three, seeing historical education incorporated into parts of the school curriculum.

To accelerate the children’s patriotism, schools in Russia will also start each week by singing the national anthem and raising the Russian flag. 

The ironically named forum ‘The Power is in the Truth’ will be the first of its kind in Russia, set to take place on the day Russia celebrates the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s surrender to Soviet troops on May 9, 1945. 


Ensuring children are taught an altered view of historical events isn’t the only form of manipulation to incite patriotism that Putin has employed since his invasion of Ukraine. 

Last month, the Kremlin passed a law criminalising any public opposition or news reporting that doesn’t support Putin’s narrative on the war. 

Russia’s actions on Ukraine can’t even be described as an ‘invasion’ or ‘war’, and must instead be called a ‘special military operation’. 


Natalia Sindeeva, who co-founded the popular independent channel Dozhd TV, warned the majority of the population believes the state media coverage. 

She said: “These people watch propaganda. They have completely opposite footage, they think it is Ukrainians who bomb Mariupol, they believe that Ukrainians killed people in Bucha.

“The problem is the audience of the state propaganda. We cannot reach them, and, to be honest, they do not have any demand for independent information. 

“It is a majority of the people – they support the war, they support Putin, they make it easier for him.”


Featured Image Credit: Kremlin Pool / Alamy. ITAR-TASS News Agency / Alamy.

Topics: Education, Russia, Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, Politics

Jayden Collins
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