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Child Actor Who Played The Girl In Red Coat In Schindler's List Is Now Helping Ukrainian Refugees

Child Actor Who Played The Girl In Red Coat In Schindler's List Is Now Helping Ukrainian Refugees

Oliwia Dabrowska is begging for people to donate as she assists Ukrainian civilians who are fleeing the war.

The woman who played a ‘symbol of hope’ in Steven Spielberg’s Schindler's List continues to carry her legacy while helping Ukrainian refugees securely cross Poland.

Oliwia Dabrowska was just four years old when she portrayed ‘the girl in red’ in the Academy-Award winning film that told the real-life story of Oskar Schindler, who saved the lives of 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust.

Now 32, Dabrowska follows in Schindler's heroic footsteps through her volunteer work.

She has been helping Ukrainian civilians fleeing their war-torn country and find a safer life in neighbouring Poland.

The volunteer shared a photo on Instagram from her scene in Schindler's List painted with the colours of the besieged Eastern European country, with the caption: “She was always the symbol of hope. Let her be it again.”

Following her post, the former actress began raising funds and trying to find homes for many displaced Ukrainians. 

In the middle of last month, Dabrowska shared her experiences on the Polish/Ukrainian border and pleaded for people to provide donations that would go towards essentials for refugees.

“I can't tell you everything I saw there, because I don't have right words in my mind... Nobody, who have never seen this, can't imagine this nightmare in eyes of those people," she said.

“This is the reason, why I ask you about help. All help you can give, but I'll be honest (if I'm rude, I'm sorry) - the most important help are money. We need pay to the fuel, food, homes for refugees, cosmetics, stuff for kids etc.”

She also added that she’s working alongside charities and volunteers worldwide that are also helping with the humanitarian crisis.

Earlier this week, the Schindler's List star also took a moment to thank everyone who had donated so far and expressed her gratitude to the many volunteers working with her.

“Even though I do coordinate some actions, I’m just a cog in the machine and I’m pleased there’s so many of us!” she said.

According to National Post, while it’s been 29 years since the film’s release, Dabrowska said she still feels a connection to her role, especially as horrific war crimes unfold once more.

“They scream inside and this is what I can’t forget. And if I need to do this as the girl in the red coat, let it be," she said.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures. Oliwia Dabrowska/Instagram

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