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Scott Morrison Believes He's Never Told A Lie In Public Life

Scott Morrison Believes He's Never Told A Lie In Public Life

The Australian Prime Minister insists he's never told a porky or white lie since becoming a politician.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Scott Morrison believes he's never told a lie while in public life.

Being truthful and honest is a trait that many Aussies would hope for in a Prime Minister and Mr Morrison believes he fulfils that category.

During an interview on 3AW Radio, the country's leader was asked if he's ever told a lie and he responded with: "I don't believe I have, no. No."

The question was brought up after Scott Morrison's awkward encounter with French President Emmanuel Macron in Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit.

Australia launched a new submarine deal with the UK and the US, meaning our deal with France was suddenly voided. However, if you listen to the French, it seems like they weren't informed about the change of plan.

REUTERS/Phil Noble/Pool

Despite Mr Morrison claiming he had definitely told his French counterpart about the new deal, Mr Macron told Aussie journalists on the sidelines of COP26 that the Australian Prime Minister outright lied to him.

Despite the awkward comment on the world stage, Scott Morrison says he really is an honest guy.

"That's politics, people take sledges at me all the time," he said on the radio show with Neil Mitchell.

"I have learned in public life over a long period of time to not have a thin skin. To not get bitter, to stay focused on the job.

"You'll get slings and arrows from everywhere... if you haven't got the thick skin to deal with that then you're in the wrong job. I tend not to take things personally."

He said the deal with the UK and US is vital to our national security and he's not into the games of who said what.

"I'm making the decisions to protect Australia's defence interests. I wasn't intimidated by the fact it might upset some people," he said.

While he might believe he's never told a lie, the Opposition has gone on the offensive.

Labor's Chris Bowen posted a video on Twitter detailing all the times he might have told a porky to the Australian people.

There's evidence of him talking about the Brittany Higgins case, the coronavirus vaccine rollout for the country, how he didn't criticise electric vehicle technology, alleged racist comments about Senator Sam Dastyari, and about how Christine Holgate left Australia Post.

The video then follows it up with comments from other people that directly contradict his statements, which is certainly not a good look.

Featured Image Credit: Ian Forsyth/Pool via REUTERS

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