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Scott Morrison Cops A Basketball To The Face On The Campaign Trail

Scott Morrison Cops A Basketball To The Face On The Campaign Trail

‘Falcon’, a young basketball player, threw the ball toward the PM, which knocked off his glasses as he tried to dodge quickly.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was hit in the face with a basketball while on the federal election campaign trail.

The awkward encounter unfolded while ScoMo was shooting hoops with kids at Baierr Stadium in Victoria yesterday, Wednesday (April 14).

‘Falcon’, one of the young basketball players, threw the ball toward the Australian PM, which knocked off his glasses as he tried to dodge the incoming ball.

“Falcon,” Mr Morrison cried after being hit.

He joked that his glasses were seemingly becoming a ‘problem’ leading up to the election after they also fell off during a Rheem Australia complex tour in western Sydney this week.

The incident occurred just hours after a Labor supporter ambushed the Prime Minister at a pub in Penrith.

Adisen Wright, 20, filmed himself approaching the Australian leader saying, ‘I just want to ask you a question', to which ScoMo agreed.

However, once the Prime Minister realised he was being filmed, he fled the scene.

“What’s going on here? No, why are you recording?” Mr Morrison said.

Wright replied: “Well, I just want to ask a question."

The Prime Minister told the young guy that it was a 'private event' and tried to walk away.

Despite the PM leaving the interaction with a female staff member intervening, the Labor supporter followed him and yelled: “ScoMo across the river here, people lost their houses and they were burnt!. You’re a disgrace!”

While leaving the bar, Wright met with a Senior Constable from the Protection Operations Unit, who asked for ID shortly before detaining him.

The young man explained to her officer: “I didn’t know it was private, my mate, my mate says ‘come for a beer, so I came for a beer and wanted to ask a question.” 

He added: “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Wright uploaded the video to TikTok, which left many users stunned and outraged by the Prime Minister.

One user said: “Majority of Australia is currently applauding you right now!”

Another user wrote: “I tried asking about the bushfire crisis where people lost their homes and their lives. The PM needs to be held responsible."

A third commented: “I want to know if tax payers are paying for all those drinks for the press. The press run this country.”

However, according to Sky News, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese condemned the Labor supporter’s actions.

The Labor leader said: “I’ve seen footage of it and I think that gentleman – I don’t know who he was – his actions were entirely inappropriate. We need to have civil discourse.”

Featured Image Credit: 7News

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