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Scott Morrison Slammed For Visiting Victorian Children’s Hospital Without Wearing A Face Mask

Scott Morrison Slammed For Visiting Victorian Children’s Hospital Without Wearing A Face Mask

The Prime Minister has been accused of caring more about a photo op, with Victorian state law requiring hospital visitors to wear a mask.

Scott Morrison has been called out for caring more about photo ops than the welfare of sick children in his latest campaign tactic.

The Prime Minister shared photos of his Good Friday visit to the Royal Children’s Hospital where he can be seen high fiving and interacting with children, all without wearing a mask. 

Morrison captioned the post: “Great to visit the Royal Children’s Hospital Kids Day Out Good Friday Appeal this afternoon in Melbourne.

“Our Government is giving $2 million to the appeal to help fund new research, equipment and care programs for sick kids.”

Many were thrilled to hear about the funding, but some were concerned Mr Morrison wasn't thinking about the actual health of the sick kids at the hospital who have a greater risk of catching Covid-19 or developing severe symptoms.

Not to mention that the current Victorian state law requires visitors over the age of 8 to wear a surgical or N95 mask while in a hospital, or publicly accessible health care setting.

Funnily enough, the healthcare worker also pictured with the kids is, in fact, wearing a mask.

Victorian Covid-19 cases are also steadily on the rise, with 3,653 cases confirmed by a PCR test on Friday (April 15), and 7,203 cases confirmed by a rapid antigen test.

In the past week, there have been 89,523 cases confirmed in the state. 

GP and popular TikTokker, Dr Michael, called out the PM on the social media platform.

He said: “Covid numbers are spiking again in Melbourne and our Prime Minister Scott Morrison thought it would be a good idea to go to the Royal Children’s Hospital do a visit for his election campaign, and he decided not to wear a mask.

“I find it really worrying that the guy in charge of the country cares more about a photo opportunity than he does about vulnerable children.”

Meanwhile, Emergency and WITH Physician, Michael Wu also called out Morrison for his irresponsible visit.

He tweeted: “Wear a f**king mask you goon. 

“Victoria had 3,642 covid cases acquired locally via PCR tests and 6,022 probable cases via rapid antigen tests in the last 24 hours.”

You would think after almost two and a half years, the guy who is meant to be leading the country through the pandemic would get the memo. 

Apparently, healthcare laws don’t apply when you’re trying to win an election. 

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Scott Morrison

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